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Glanza Strut brace on NA

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Been offered a glanza front strut brace at a decent price but heard they foul the fuel filter? Is it a major task getting them to fit? Has anyone got any pictures of how they overcame this problem or should I not bother all input welcome

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Thanks for input just didn't want to damage anything, 

38 minutes ago, akyakapotter said:

I just forced it down a tad when I had my na sure I only used one bolt aswell.post-8483-0-13028100-1445093079_thumb.jpg crude way but it worked for me. 

I'd image all aftermarket strut braces for the glanza would foul I then? 

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5 hours ago, Claymore said:

According to a build thread on the aussie site the Whiteline one fits and clears the fuel filter just, but it won't fit with the standard airbox.



Thanks for that info much appreciated 

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You can get it in, I've got one on mine, you just have to bend the bracket a little bit, I put some rubber around the brace so it didn't wear the filter. Been on for 3 hard years on track and never been a problem. 

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