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Does anyone have or know where to get Seat Rails for after market seats?

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There was a guy on Facebook from Ireland that was doing them so worth a ask . Or like you say Japan or cut the feet off your standard ones and weld them on a universal seat frame 👍🏼

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I've made my own, don't have any pics but I'll try to explain, I used original feet on universal rails, all bolted together no welding required just a bit of trial and error.

Get yourself a set of standard rails and some universal rails like this

Cut the feet off the standard rails as mentioned, you might need to re drill the mounting point on the new rail to allow for the front to back distance on the feet.
You'll also find that the universal rails are too narrow, so simply cut the release bar and you'll be left with two separate pieces to bolt in. Once you've done that you'll need to bolt your seats to the side mounts and put them in place and start lining everything up to drill the mounts. Then it's just a case of bolting everything together but it's not as easy as it sounds in writing it took me quite a while to get it right.
Also if you are using the original seat belts, you will need to remove the buckles from the original seat, cut them down and re drill and bolt in on the inside rear seat mount. Then undo the seat belt and thread it through the belt holes, hopefully that makes sense but it means the belt is snug around you rather than coming over the top of the seat.

At first I tried to simply modify the standard rails to fit the side mounts but it made the seats far too high so I wouldn't recommend wasting your time on that.

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