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Glanza injectors in N/A

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Currently test fitting some 4efte injectors to an N/A rail using the N/A fuel rail posts. Its for my 4efe + turbo build.

The EP91 4efe injectors use the same rubber spacers and lower rubber seals as the EP91 4efte. The injectors are the same length and the only part number differences are for the rail and the rail posts (mid -96 on).

When I removed the fe injectors the lower seals were knackered so I replaced them with the used 4efte lower seals and when fitted to the head it is apparent that there was a gap between the rubber spacer and fuel rail and the injector could be pulled up out of the head!


So assuming the lower seals I got with the fte injectors are infact the correct items (you never know second hand) it looks like the 4efte fuel rail presses the injectors approx. 2mm further into the head than the 4efe. It may be achieved with shorter fuel rail posts or differences in the rail geometry or a combo of both.

I have since fitted new (aftermarket) injector spacers and lower seals to fte injectors in positions 1 and 4 (either end of the rail) to see the difference and there is only about 0.5mm of squash on the new seals when the rail is tightened.

Before tightening, rested on new lower seals and spacers:




Personally I don't think this is enough when you add 7psi of boost and fuel mix to the other side!

Worried about the lower seals lifting / leaking, also there is 2.X bar of fuel pressure trying to push the injectors out of the rail into the lower seals (momentarily between pulses).

So I could try new Toyota seals and spacers to see if the new aftermarket ones are wrong or possibly add a washer to the top spacer to add the extra 1mm of compression I feel they need. Or hunt down a glanza fuel rail and posts.

I know that everyone doing a 4efe + t build uses these injectors in the fe rail but surely I can't be the only one with this issue!

Or am I concerned over nothing?

Any input / experience greatly received.

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