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  1. John GT


    The KP60 starlet like above is 4 x114 but the EP70 , EP82 & EP91 are all 4 x100. Its a pain because there's so many nice 4 x114 wheels.
  2. John GT

    Recaro interior

    I've the rear seats and doorcards for sale. €350 on adverts https://www.adverts.ie/interiors-parts/glanza-oe-recaro-interior/15817553
  3. John GT

    GT/Glanza OEM Front Recaros Wanted

    I have seen them alright but reckon it could be hard to find the correct material if getting them reupholstered. I have the full GT recaro interior,recaro rails but minus the front seats so would love to finish the interior off. It'll be a tough search
  4. John GT

    GT/Glanza OEM Front Recaros Wanted

    Looking for a set of OEM GT/Glanza front recaro seats. I know there had got now but hopefully someone will part with them. Any condition considered. No rails needed. Only recaros in pic wanted. Thanks
  5. John GT

    Starlet EP82 Tom's Kit Wanted

    Lucky to pick up a full genuine kit in the end so this can be locked
  6. John GT

    Starlet EP82 Tom's Kit Wanted

    Thanks but I wouldnt be able to collect, over in Ireland myself.
  7. John GT

    Starlet EP82 Tom's Kit Wanted

    Would anyone have any EP82 Tom's bodykit bits lying in sheds or possibly for sale, Looking for the full kit but will buy bits individually. Would also be interested in OEM front/rear spats and sideskirts. Located in Kildare, Ireland but can pick up around the country. Tom's Kit: Front Bumper, Front Grill, Sideskirts and Rear adjustable spoiler
  8. John GT

    New Member EP71 Turbo

    Looks like a clean example, welcome to the 71 club
  9. John GT

    Gt Advance lots of rare parts coming

    http://www.ukstarletowners.com/topic/107224-thank-me-later-photobucket-fix/ This fixes the photobucket issue
  10. John GT

    Japfest@Mondello Sunday 24th September

    I'll be at it in the ep71 turbo s, don't think ill be putting it on a stand though
  11. It surely will, looking forward to the end result. I've BC coilovers in mine too there a great bit of kit
  12. Welcome to the club, if you ever feel like selling the standard airbox and dashtray id be very interested in them. Looks clean didn't seem like it needed a respray
  13. John GT

    importing cars

    Try JDM Auctionwatch too. They have a website and FB page. There based in Ireland but have brought stuff into the UK too.