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  1. Sound clip of the new 5zigen border 304 speed im chuffed its a very unique sound not heard a gt sound like this before in person 5_zigen_boarder_304_speed_.mp4
  2. Not me mate seen your car at punchestown looks absolutely amazing credit to you
  3. It deserves it stephan That be me now quality it top drawer skiny From yahoo auctions i used bidjdm section on rhdjapan wedsite very easy to do business with
  4. So this happened at 6.30 am this morning spur of the moment thing hour and a later done and dusted can't beat the jap's quality fitment absolutely spot on now im waiting here patiently for the time to go past being sunday morning and all that to fire her up
  5. Brilliant stuff gainzy i cant wait to see what its like Glad you like the build hopefully early 2019 ill have dyno printout mike Awesome info bean much appreciated ill be sure to port mine out before i install it
  6. So last night i put together my Jam manifold Tunning development's hybrid billet ct9 Blitz decat
  7. He is on the northstars group im pretty sure mate .you'll be boosting soon mate happy days
  8. matty gt

    Gainzy's JAM Glanza

    One of my favourite all time cars on here credit you own the car nearly 10 years
  9. so another rare part to the list landed today Doobie ep82 front lip off Faisal The boss packaging was second to none can't wait to get it to the bodyshop
  10. Thanks mate not sure if i know him 230hp from the ct9 is serious numbers your like me shed rammed with car parts you be boost the Tf035 soon This enough Stephan The exhaust for me just screams jap racer Thanks Callum many years of gathering 200hp is the magic number ross fingers crossed i get there I absolutely love it mate
  11. Better pic of the willwoods And i awaiting on the arrival of this bad boy any day now Genuine Doobie front lip off Faisal The boss And I've a deposit put on this Doobie rear lip with Faisal
  12. hard to believe this is second hand .hks actuator of shaun on here Jam panhard rod super Rare Trd 280 kph clocks And this arrived off the japan auctions i used rhdjapan bidjdm section on there site to buy it. Best part it arrived with the post man and had to pay no customs 5zigen border 304 i can't wait to fit painted in 800°heat paint cant beat the japs quality
  13. blitz ecu off ep performance (conor brown)