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  1. What's it Worth? Thread

    Thanks for the input James. It would be a real shame to let it go although due to age i can only get 3rd party insurance cover meaning any incident ill lose my arse on it. 
  2. What's it Worth? Thread

    Im sure ive done this before but im looking to get a value on this. I personally put it at 4000 euros. http://www.ukstarletowners.com/topic/94961-joes-98-starlet-full-glanza-rep-tf035hm-it-lives/   N/a shell, fully resprayed less than a year ago, genuine varis spoiler, genuine livesports front lip, oem toyota bumpers & panels etc. Rebuilt standard engine Tf035hm @.5 bar can go to .8 Fmic with greddy piping, alloy dual core rad, Jperformance mani, downpipe & catback, exedy organic clutch disk and pressure plate  Fully rebuilt glanza brake callipers all round, new brake pads Lowered on shocks and new springs Refurbished alloys diamond cut with brand new hankook tyres Mitsubishi fto front seats, 98 spec interior & dash, trd dial surround 98 clocks, converted using full turbo wiring loom, fuel pump from a glanza V (nearly sure all ep9s use the same pump), boost gauge, 2 gauge pillar pod, short shifter. No mot/nct needs cat converter, radiator fan, horn, airbag plug(passenger side plug missing from loom - light on), reverse switch, oil pres. Switch and a rear fog light. Would sort these out and mot it before sale Any input or opinions appriciated just aboit had it with it now
  3. Vsv valve wanted

    For the acis system is it ? Wouldnt have one if so
  4. Vsv valve wanted

    Got a picture of this colin and where it goes ? Might have one and could possibly sort you out this weekemnd depending on distance. Im in wexford
  5. Thats true. Although i keep thinking it wont be 'mine' anyways we csn see ehat happens once its done with an mot  
  6. Okay so a small update. Past 6 months ive done nothing with the car completely lost interest in it. Recently has been sat on axle stands waiting for calliper rebuild kits to arrive which i now have and hope to do in the next 2 weeks    After that sadly im 90% sure im going to get an nct (mot) on it, put an ebc on it and run .8 bar then sell it. Reason being ive had it 5 years already and will be another 5 before i can drive it legally. I have a lot of money tied up in the car so will most likely be for sale in the 1st or 2nd quater of next year
  7. http://jp-carparts.com   Found this on my searches, used it for frint and rear calliler rebuild kits. Part no's are 04479 and 04479A respectivley

    Regrind the valve seats and check the stems are straight. Could also replace valve springs depending on how worn they are although i wouldnt bother with springs its not quite that precise of an engine
  9. 98 spec rear lights, 4efe parts. More added

    Bump. Rocker cover and 8 pistons now sold. All other bits still availble cheap
  10. Ebc & braided brake lines

    Also looking for a good set of rear disks with good bearings
  11. Ebc & braided brake lines

    Looking for an electronic boost controller with solenoid ready to go. Cheap as possible but no china shit. Front Braided brake lines for ep91. Will concider a set if price is right
  12. 4efe Rocker Cover

    4efe. 10 pounds plus 15 postage
  13. 4efe Rocker Cover

    Have on in ireland i can post
  14. Jamie's EK9

    I keep seeing 90's japanese videos of ek civics going around fuji speedway and i want one for the track a littlw bit more every time. Im glad youve decided to update this on here
  15. Few parts need help finding

    Got a crank pulley bolt and washer in Ireland