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  1. Still interested in syncros, agree with starting a new thread and new list of people interested in what. Maybe it would be nice if the thread could go up on the ukso facebook page 
  2. Marks starlet sr

    OOOOO! Like the sound of that! Can't wait to hear more! 
  3. Fitting a rev counter

    SR and GLS have rev counter but also Paseo dials fit too which imo look much better for NA options, all will need re pinning for the dials to work properly 
  4. *pete*

    Thank you! Glad to hear it again
  5. 15 more TTE sticker available :)

    Yes please 😜
  6. GT Turbo Bits EP82 Headlights

    Remember what the disc and pads are like brembo, EBC, etc.?
  7. Sent Coolerworx a message yesterday, awaiting to see if I get a reply. Did mention the interest that is one this forum and that they have been contacted in the past for a shifter for the Starlet
  8. Starlet N/A Sportif to Paseo White clocks.

    one way to do it is to get a multimeter out and with the left over wires that weren't in use before and test for voltage or amperage increase with rev increase
  9. Starlet N/A Sportif to Paseo White clocks.

    Should already be a wire there, thicker brown wire I believe from memory its in the loom already, both of my sportif and my 'S' had it, it shows in some of the clock changing/adding tutorials section go have a look through there
  10. JAE parts rollcall.

    Have a boot and back seat carpet somewhere let me check
  11. Starlet N/A Sportif to Paseo White clocks.

    Go have a look in the Tutorials & Guides section, plenty of diagrams and even tutorials on how to do the swap.
  12. 15 more TTE sticker available :)

    I would like a pair buddy if you still have them I can paypal you and collect at JAE?
  13. Stock turbo, manifold and injectors needed

    Have a racetech CT9 manifold in my shed, want some pictures of it?
  14. *pete*

    Thanks for the feed back! Glad your happy
  15. Or look into this company I have found called IRP (Individual Racing Parts) http://www.irp.lt/, £250 for this http://www.irp.lt/individual-racing-parts-product/short-shifter-v2/ which can, I think be adaptable and could actually be plausible and viable. I need... well want a nice shifter for my Starlet XD