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  1. Cheers guys, got a week off now so going to try and get some stuff done :p
  2. Haven't got much done over the last few months, as you can probably guess the car hasn't seen the road for this year but on the I now have a safety devices roll cage and still working away on the head every now and then. Also sourced a rear bumper that has had a what is to believed to be a Carbon Culture rear lip smoothed into it. Life has been extremely busy for me. Also got a new daily, something more sensible, fast, bigger and newer, so as much as I liked the Corolla it needed to go as it was turning into more than a daily. So say hello to my Toyota Auris SR180, yes I have gone to the dark side and brought a diesel. Yes it is still being modified, do need to get them refurbed but I have a set of Rays Volk Racing C Ultras for it (Yes, I have an addiction with 3 spokes) and going with the light blue colour below. I am also changing jobs now, after being at SST Technology (Do alot of motorsports exhaust for F1, Indy car, WRC, Nascar and so) for nearly 4 years, its time for a change and a new challenge. I'll be starting at Nitron Racing Systems LTD in early August, for those who don't who they are, they make very high end coilovers and suspension for cars and bikes. The Auris:
  3. Just paid for the stand pass, already buzzing for this!!!
  4. *Pete*

    J.A.E 2018 31/8/18 - 2/9/18

    Has anyone seen what JAE has posted on facebook recently regarding Thursday? Something about clubs being emailed about Thursday passes?
  5. *Pete*

    Starlet enthusiast for ep91 sr tte

    Welcome, from memory, the SRs came with lower suspension and the tte spoiler and the SR wheels made by speed line. Also had the TTE backbox and the tte front lip/splitter was an optional extra. Only 875 SRs where made, 125 in Silver, 250 in black and 500 in white. Also they have different speed dials with similar dials being in the high spec n/a’s. Probably more information about them through searches on here. My first starlet was a white SR
  6. *Pete*

    TTE SR spoiler

    TTE SR Spoiler in 040 white Pretty good condition, also comes with replica TTE stickers to replace the ones on the spoiler should one want too. Rep stickers are from Morgey on here. I removed the spoiler from my SR few years ago after breaking it for bits, was going to use it on my project but have changed my mind on what spoiler I want. Price: £70 Prefer collection (OX12, Wantage, Oxfordshire) but postage can be arranged via myhermes is £11 Cash on collection or Paypal (send as gift or fees covered by buyer) Is also up on ebay, bidding starts at £50 https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F222819370784 Pictures:
  7. Cars been off road over a year now :'( finding it hard to put money into this as on a lowish income doesn't help too and with some debts to pay :/
  8. I'm not trying to take material away per say, but Im smoothing the casting lines, where the valves seats are machined into the head and to make the ports match the manifolds. Will be polishing it all though, Don't think I work on the combustion camber as thats above my level maybe I do it on another car one day
  9. Also forgot to add this, doing some head work, time consuming but thought Id give it a go. I have used an old head to practice on first
  10. Hoping to have it back on the road by the end of May, when I first found out about remix bumpers I wasn't sure then I really started to like them and took awhile to find one but I love it! properly wont run the grill as I only have half of it but I think it looks good without it, and been having ideas for what to go behind there but there a little ssshh ssshh at the moment
  11. Cheers dude, really cant wait for it all to come together!
  12. Interesting so far, liking the progress!
  13. UPDATE!! Shock! So progress hasn't been as quick as I have hoped by its now 2018, show season is just round the corner and I want this on the road again! Progress as follows: So I have decided to have a stripped interior and test fit bumpers, remix bumper is look epic! So the headlights, what I am doing is I have set of crystal lights which I am mounting projectors, switchback halos, RGB demon eye and switchback led strip. the halos and led strip will be wired to the side lights but when I indicate they will flash amber with the indicator. I had to build them up and unfortunately while in progress of building the projects I was trimming plastic with a craft knife and slipped, stabbing myself in the hand with the blade. More blood paid to build lol New years day I started fitting them and levelling the beam patterns. Pictures of head lights without the glass and with And the other day I picked up Glanza wiring looms and a rear axle which fitted in the boot of the Corolla nicely!
  14. *Pete*

    Starlet sr tte spoiler

    If your still looking I have one
  15. Still interested in syncros, agree with starting a new thread and new list of people interested in what. Maybe it would be nice if the thread could go up on the ukso facebook page