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  1. Thanks guys this project has been a dream come true so far, lots more to come Et oui!! Tu viens d'où?? Merci
  2. Just an update on this beast! New engine did 10.000km already on my Starlet and it didn't miss a beat, so happy with it! the LSD is awesome too, just powers through twisty roads! Went to Portugal and back, which totals 3200km and the trip was awesome, no overheating, just 98 and go! (A lot of it *cries in japanese*) Dyno'd it there at 144hp! Next on the list is definitely suspension and chassis reinforcement, it really needs it... And needs better brakes as the ultimax 2 pads I have fade like hell, to the point that I had almost no brakes at all while going downhill in a one car road near my home town, not to mention the only thing that will stop you is the river in the bottom of the valley... need a rear disc conversion asap! (I'm also tired of my wheels ahahahah) While there, she got a new butt Lots more to come, wiill make it to japfest no doubt next time!
  3. No spark

    Check if there's a code and check IGF (ignition feedback)
  4. So the engine came in ages ago! Ahah Gave it a little clean and service and now it's in the car all wired in and starting! Got a japspeed catback installed + a jperformance decat and manifold combo on the way Pics!
  5. Intercooler stencils. Yay or nay ?

    nah, small core and intact bumper for me Like to put my reg where it belongs
  6. Starlet n/a '98 (from Sweden) // Update!

    Looks ready for some hillclimbs!
  7. Starlet n/a '98 (from Sweden) // Update!

    Go to a body shop? I'm sure they'll sort that and the rear guard too
  8. Starlet n/a '98 (from Sweden) // Update!

    get it fixed mate, she looks awesome!
  9. Nice fogs mate eheh hope you're not selling it anymore
  10. Hi guys! the engine is arriving tommorow in the meantime I've built a stealthy boost gauge eheh
  11. Blacky the SR

    Both crank seals and oil pump oring mate... Been there already... Exactly the same leaks
  12. Can't wait! Just need tobsort out wiring and she'll be mint
  13. Got a full fte coming mate xD
  14. Got some parts from Toyota for the "new" engine, gonna freshen it up and give it a good service before throwing it in, here's what I got: And here's what I've been waiting for for so long... All wrapped up, comes with driveshafts and motor mounts because... It has an OEM LSD box!!! wasn't on the mods list but hey, at least it's done And a little joke ahaha