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    Ideally I need two !!! Would be a huge help!
  2. HI Guys Slight last min panic! I need a pair of top nuts for BC coilovers. M12 to suit an 18mm bearing. I have some coming from BC but they wont be here in time for my next event ANyone help?
  3. rear beam

    Question answered cheers guys
  4. rear beam

    Is there any difference on the rear beam between the different starlet models,
  5. Coilover Options

    Adam, do any of those 4 have EP fitment?
  6. Coilover Options

    Sorry guys I should have noted, they will be track only, so stiffness isn't an issue ! Adjustablility the most important
  7. Coilover Options

    Hi Guys Have been in the starlet world for a while and never really given any major thought to coilovers. I have TRD's on my Glanza and BC racing on my EP82 im currently hillclimbing. Is there anything better out there? Appreciate cost will be higher.
  8. Anti Lift + ARB

    Good idea Does it effect the arb
  9. Anti Lift + ARB

    Ah ok Morgey It was the castor I was hoping to gain as much as anything. May consider a stock arb
  10. Anti Lift + ARB

    Hi guys Has anyone had issues when fitting a power flex anti lift kit combined with a 24mm anti roll bar. I have just fitted a black series kit and it's caused the bottom arm to touch my trd anti roll bar ? Any thoughts
  11. EP82 rear strut brace

    Does anyone have an oe rear strut brace for a EP82?
  12. Best anti lift kit?

    Thanks Guys, Yes ideally Gee, id gain alot more castor through rose joints/adjustable top mounts. Sadly both are not allowed within my regulations.
  13. Best anti lift kit?

    Any thoughts which is the best anti lift kit on the market, giving the most castor? Powerflex, standard bush or black bush Or Whiteline? Cheers
  14. Hey Mick! Great to see the progress. Was good to meet you at Harewood. Keep up the good work! If your ever short of parts I seem to have a workshop full of them I've collected over the years.