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  1. brad25577

    Toyota Starlet EP81 Jeans model Project

    let me know if you decide to break it, as it looks like i require an interior center console part from this, thanks.
  2. brad25577

    Kent meet

    i know of other car meets in kent area's not sure of pure starlet ones though
  3. brad25577


    Purchased a strut race bar from SKINY as described all in good condition cant wait for christmas to fit it Thanks dude, pleasant transaction
  4. brad25577

    UKSO Software Upgrade!

    nice one well done guys, glad to see regular updates and admin doing a good job all round :)
  5. brad25577

    Glanza headlights

    for more help on this i would recommend posting in this section - http://www.ukstarletowners.com/forum/7-wanted/ and also having a look at this section too http://www.ukstarletowners.com/forum/80-starlet-parts-for-sale/
  6. brad25577

    Starlet Parts Required

    Thanks for all the replies, very helpful bunch, the car has had all new parts all round, of course larger wheels too so good tyres, handling is good just wasnt sure if a strut would increase it, if not no worries, but still would make it look good i have rear bilstein gas shocks and got fronts going on soon too.
  7. brad25577

    Starlet Parts Required

    no actual issues, just thought it would help my car handling on corners, plus looks good in the engine bay. Thanks for the reply on the dis cap too, back to the drawing board for more ideas
  8. brad25577

    My EP80 build

    Bit of an update for what ive recently done so new bigger rad, blue pipes, K&N air filter, blue ASH oil breather, blue dipped fuse box and timing belt covers, engine bay clean up, blue custom made magnecore leads, blue metal connector, pink hybrid racing oil filter, bilstein rear shocks, full custom stainless steel exhaust system with straight pipes and a 4" titanium burnt tip.
  9. brad25577

    Starlet Parts Required

    Hi All, I'm looking for a 2 point front racing suspension strut brace for my EP80 1990 to help stabilize my steering as well as for good looks in the engine bay, best to be super white 040 if possible. Also looking for a clear distributor cap too and a blue LED rotary arm to go with it. Strut brace is more important though as my nan wants to get me one for Christmas (2017) Thanks in advance. Brad
  10. brad25577

    ID-Workz Cooling Panel

    alright no worries, thank you for the reply.
  11. brad25577

    My EP80 build

    this saturday the car is getting the works done to the engine bay, with a big clean up too.
  12. brad25577

    ID-Workz Cooling Panel

    Hi, Dont know if this is in the right place or not, but i was interested in buying one of these cooling pannels for my EP80 starlet, just wasnt sure if one it would fit as i know 95% of EP82 parts fit the EP80 and just didnt know if the ID-WORKZ logo would stay on the pannel as shown in the picture on the website, i did email their sales inbox but no response so far, if anyone could help thanks in advance. Thanks Brad
  13. brad25577

    ID-Workz New Website!

    Loving the new look guys, much easier to search
  14. brad25577

    My EP80 build

    need to do a proper update soon, got footwell lights added, new K&N air filter, HKS hybrid oil filter, ASH oil air breather, custom magnecore ignition leads, bonnet is now on too, dress up kit has been applied, photos soon. next up is blue rad pipes with camo dipped timing belt cover
  15. brad25577

    My EP80 build

    Hi Mikey22, I was asking members on here for where i could get one, its from an EP82 GT model and someone said they had one and shipped it over to me, me and my dad custom fitted it with some bolts and bits and bobs we've got spare in the garage. Regards Brad