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  1. Hi guys as some of you probably know i am putting throttle bodies on my 4efe and I'm going to try and eliminate all the restrictions to get the most out of them. So starting with the intake I have got the tt600 throttle bodies obviously  with ram filters on a custom manifold then going into the engine the cylinder head is going to get ported and polished and also uprated valve sprints eventually. Then coming out the engine I am going to make a stainless 4-2-1 manifold and then carry on with the rest of the exhaust. I am just wondering what people's opinions are on what exhaust diameter to go for on a 4efe with itbs.
  2. Marks starlet sr

    Cold start   
  3. Marks starlet sr

    Thanks mate the easy part is over
  4. Marks starlet sr

    Cheers they have definately come in handy with this project
  5. Marks starlet sr

    Hi all few updates to share on my progress with the thottest bodies. Well I hAve got round to fitting them on my car and had them on for 1 or 2 weeks now and I have had to take them back off as the fuel consumption is just terrible. Don't worry I am not giving up. I have got a wideband that I am going to fit and I am going to need some sort of management. Any way here is where I am now and I included a few machining shots. Thought It would be different.         I drilled and tapped holes in them for grub screws to lock them on the bodies. I also installed the fpr and made some p clips for the fuel line going across to give it a clean and tidy look. Whilst the throttle bodies are off I'm going to build a stainless exhaust manifold and then a exhaust all the way back but I'm not sure on what size to go for any ideas. plus any opinions on the build so far would be great. Got a few more vids 2 
  6. ITB'd 5E-FHE remix sportif

    Oh ok lol
  7. ITB'd 5E-FHE remix sportif

    Any updates?
  8. Marks starlet sr

    Thanks mate
  9. Marks starlet sr

    Then I have built a manifold from stainless bends and a mild steel flange. Once happy with the length and fitment of the runners I gave it a good weld up.    
  10. Marks starlet sr

    While I've got a bit of time I thought I'd share a bit more of itb progress. This is where it starts to get a bit more interesting.I left the last upload with the problem of the throttle pedal being too sensitive. I did end up making a pulley and the idea behind this was to try and make the radius of the cable end hole to the centre of the pulley larger .This way it requires more pedal travel to full open throttle instead of the tiny tt600 pulley. Anyway enough talking I'll let the pictures do the talking. First i turned this up  Then I cut it and filed it  
  11. Marks starlet sr

  12. Starlet Solida Glanza rep build

    Looking good mate 
  13. My solida sr replica

    Not at the moment next time I get a chance I will get some.
  14. Marks starlet sr

    I do have a few videos I will first have to upload them to youtube