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  1. Ignition barrel and key

    I've only got 1 key
  2. Ignition barrel and key

    Hi I've got a barrel with door lock of my 97 Glanza
  3. TRD anti rollbar & TRD short shifter

    No luck here seem to be rare
  4. Jordk

    Top guy good price posted in good time. Thanks Jordk
  5. Ep91 sump

    [quote name="MickL" post="1219299" timestamp= Cheers buddy, but the NA one is not the same depth
  6. Ep91 sump

    Hi After good condition ep91 Glanza sump Mick
  7. water pump pulley

    How many bolts holes is the one you want, I have 4 bolt hole one.
  8. 4EFTE Cams the same in the 4EFE

    Cheers Buddy
  9. 4EFTE Cams the same in the 4EFE

    Hi Can anyone tell me if the 4EFTE cams are the same in the 4EFE engine?
  10. Tuning Developments feedback

    Just like to say ordered some parts yesterday from Mike, came today great service, Nice1 Mike
  11. Exhaust manifold Stock or Aftermarket

    I have nearly brand new toyosport manifold
  12. GTphayers new track build

    Nice build buddy!
  13. Rolla Inlet manifold

    Sorry buddy not sure how to get the link on my phone, I just put in search Starlet Sr breaking the is 2 , it's the white one shows a pick of engine bay you can see the manifold. Not sure if it's still got it.
  14. Rolla Inlet manifold

    Hi The is a SR being broken up on eBay with one of them manifold