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  1. Meister coilover noise??

    Hey mate, that may be it! My tracking is way out since changing them so that would make sense. I’m getting my tracking done in Saturday so hopefully that’ll sort it. If not I’ve got new track rod ends to go in before. Thanks for the help bud!
  2. Meister coilover noise??

    Hey mate, thanks for the reply! Yeah I did. Makes sense that I couldn’t see anything! Only 15’s in there. It’s strange that it’s only when turning right though? Do you know anything about the top mounts in them mate? Thanks again pal
  3. Meister coilover noise??

    So I fitted a set of Meisters to my glanza over the weekend and now when I’m on full lock there’s what sounds like a rubbing coming from the front? Had a look and can’t see anything catching. Any ideas? Also when I read the instructions that came with them it mentioned making sure the top mounts were fitted correctly? I just fitted them as they came out the box? Was there any adjustments I was supposed to have made to the top mount? Any help is always appreciated! 
  4. Parcel shelf

    Any about? Will take a cut ione if it’s for 6x9’s?
  5. Parcel shelf

    Hey peeps  after a parcel shelf for 97 glanza. Uncut would be ideal    cheers 
  6. What's it Worth? Thread

    Hey James, Well gotta be honest that's good news too me! The thing that kinda pushed it for me was being told it would be 2 grand to sort the bodywork out. but I think I'll take your advice as I haven't seen much about. When I get a weekend free or something I may give you a shout to pop up and just have  gander if you don't mind? really appreciate the help and advice mate.   Jason
  7. What's it Worth? Thread

    Hey guys, So unfortunately the time has come to let my Glanza go.  from what I can tell I bought a pig of one and the amount it's gonna cost to fix it up is waaaaaay more than I can afford. I'm gonna be keeping hold of it for a little while and will probably end up getting another on in time but I'm just wondering what I could expect to get for it in its current state? Obviously I know this is all just rough ideas and such but I genuinely don't know where to even stat with it. so here's a quick breakdown of the car. 1997 Glanza v 120000 km's White(but been resprayed by previous owner, Badly) small rust patch under the rear window and along the top of the boot. Gearbox whines but no crunches passenger side wing was reversed into and is damaged. indicator on that side is therefore kinda of wedged in there for the moment. car will have new brake pads (yellow stuff on front and Ultimax on the back) has EBC grooved discs on the front engine runs smoothly, pulls well in all gears. has turbo timer and boots gauge. I think that's everything. to be honest I just want some kind of rough idea and underneath the car is ver clean. I feel like someone with more time and money that me would be able to turn this into a real cracker. any advice is always appreciated.  
  8. MeisterR coilovers

    Sorry for the late reply mate, I may have found a set local to me but cheers for the reply bud
  9. MeisterR coilovers

    Ah mate your a gem, cheers pal!
  10. MeisterR coilovers

    Hi guys,   Just putting the feelers out. I'm after a set of Meister R Coilovers for the Glanza. My suspensions shot and I figured I might as well go for the best. But before I shell out 800 odd quid for new just wondering if anyone has any in mint condition?   Cheers!
  11. Steering column bearing

    mate if I could send a beer your way I would! cheers pal i'll tackle that this weekend and see what the crac is
  12. Steering column bearing

    Nice one Calum! I don't know how this happened it's something I've noticed since I bought the car. Hmmmm not sure how I'm gonna sort this one. Thanks though mate this is really helpful
  13. Steering column bearing

    Hi Mate, thanks for your reply. Well I haven't heard of one either but I'm still learning so I thought maybe I was being dull. I don't think the meant wheel bearing only because I had to have that changed as well so on the MOT form it had wheel bearing and then underneath just said "steering column bearing loose." my steering has quite a bit of play in it so I'm guessing that's what they're referring too. Any idea what could be the cause of that?   thanks for your help mate. Really appriciated
  14. Steering column bearing

    bump any ideas guys?
  15. Steering column bearing

    Hey guys, So I've had my MOT and one of my advisories was I have a loose bearing in my steering column.  I have no idea how to get to that though? take the whole wheel off? and do I just tighten it or am I gonna have to replace the bearing? any insight is appreciated peep!   cheers