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  1. Facelift fogs and brackets!!

    any of just the fog lights knocking about either? cheers lads  
  2. Facelift fogs and brackets!!

    Bump, still after any of these guys. been told the UK spec bumper brackets will work if anyone is breaking one.   cheers guys
  3. Facelift fogs and brackets!!

    Hi Guys I'm fitting a facelift bumper to my pre-facelift Glanza so I'm after the brackets for it (been told they're the same as the N/A bumper brackets)  I'm also after the facelift fog lights for it as well.   cheers guys! 
  4. Facelift fog lights

    Cool cheers mate, now time to try and find some! Thanks again pal
  5. Facelift fog lights

    Hey peeps, so my new year started with somone crashing into the front of my car and wrecking my front bumper and wing. I'm going to a body shop next week but I've got a facelift bumper I've been meaning to get prepped and fitted so now seems as good a time as any to sort it out. Now I know I need diffrent brackets to fit it to a pre-facelift glanza but what about the fogs? Can I use my old Fogs or will I need to find the proper facelift ones? cheers!
  6. Rear Brake Pads

    Nice one cheers bud No more daft questions from me lol well until the next problem comes up!
  7. Rear Brake Pads

    That's enough recommendations for me! I'll defo be picking one of these kits up. I've got one really stupid question left, when I changed my pads before a friend go me a set from his work. This time I'm getting a set of Yellow stuff pads from ID Workz but I don't know how many boxes I need to buy. do they come in sets of just 2 or 4? the last ones I had came in a set of 4 but I don't wanna buy 2 boxes of these and have extra pads that I don't need!   thanks guys!
  8. Rear Brake Pads

    Mate you're a star! So you change the front and back exactly the same nice one buddy
  9. Rear Brake Pads

    Hey guy's Hope you all had a good Christmas!   Sorry if this is already been posted but my work computer has classed the words "brake pads" as pornography so I can't search for it.... makes sense   Anyway I'm changing the brake pads on my Glanza tomorrow and I was wondering is there any difference when changing them?  I've changed the fronts before and that's simple enough, I assume the rear is much the same but just wondering if there's any difference before I get stuck in.   cheers peeps
  10. Strut changin help!!!!!

    Cool thanks for the help man I'll get hold of some washers and try and fix this mess! Lol
  11. Strut changin help!!!!!

    So is this down to something I've done? Have I over tightens something and most important can this be fixed or would I need a new set of struts? The first time i didn't tighten anything to much I put it back the same as the old ones. Thanks for your help mate
  12. Strut changin help!!!!!

    Well funny enough I was just looking through the boxes to see if I'd missed something and I found these... I'm assuming this would of made a difference? Don't I feel stupid lol
  13. Strut changin help!!!!!

    So when I slacken that top nut I assume my springs should raise the car so that there's not this massive gap? Is it a case that my springs are fucked or have I really ballsed this up?
  14. Strut changin help!!!!!

    Awesome thanks mate. As this is the second time I've fitted these this weekend the first time I had the top bolts much looser but still had the same problem so tightened them thinking that might be the issue but I'll slacken them off. Maybe I have a different issue altogether if there's a knocking either way? Only thing I can think is that I've done something wrong along the way? Cheers mate
  15. Strut changin help!!!!!

    Nah man I didn't drill anything out. Just undid the bolts. Can't speak for the guy who had it before me mind. They're struts mate. That washer on top moves freely even when the top nuts are done up as mich at they'll go. They weren't moving before I changed them so I dunno if I've done something wrong