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  1. Hi Everyone. I'm Rich, James' "replacement". As you all call me. We can still look at getting this sorted however we will still need the numbers first discussed. Spread the word everyone...
  2. I do have an account, series70boy Checkout my build thread froma few years back!
  3. Hi all. Just so that you are all aware I am leaving Tegiwa with effect of Monday. Someone else will be taking over managing the forums in my absence, I know this is an active forum, there may be delays in UKSO PM's for a couple of days whilst the office settles into its new staffing structure. Emails to websales@tegiwaimports.com will still be answered as quickly as possible so that will be the best way to make contact for a little while. The group buy is still active and I am leaving a handover for that. It has been a pleasure being part of the comunity again after selling the ep70 3 years ago. Thanks for having me, you wont be forgotten by me or by Tegiwa! James
  4. They really are. Absolutely Pimp. SOund like i need to get a gauging interest thread together for seat rails!
  5. We have you covered there. We have another website Yellow Speed Europe as we are the European distriber for Yellow Speed racing products. Yellowspeed offer a range of bolt on big brake kits starting at just £1015.60 All available by following this link http://www.yellowspeedeurope.com/brake-kits.html Our smallest kit 286mm 4pot will fit in the barrel of most 15 inch wheels, (however we cannot guarantee that you wont need spacers due to every wheel having a different spoke design). The kits include Discs, bells, calipers, brackets, braided lines and pads for that price! The kits are not listed as car specific, you simply place the order with us, tell me the order number and what car the kit is for and we have it made to order, they are generlly with you within 3 week of ordering. (we cannot offer rear kits for starlets though yet.) I think pictures will say it better though. Check these out! (some of these are iphone shots that i have just taken in the warehouse/workshop so excuse the photography, i just wanted a variety of images.
  6. Hi all. Just another little reminder that we DO NOT limit ourselves to selling only the items on our website, We can get ANYTHING from the following list of amazing brands, the only thing we need is the part number and we can get you a competitive quote: AEM - Gauges and Engine Management Bilstien - Suspension components Brembo - Brake kits and accessories Carrillo - Performance engine components Cometic - Head gaskets Competition Clutch - Self explanatory really! Cowsorth - Performance products Cusco - Braces, cages, reinforcements and much more Forge - Cooling and Boosted products Fujitsubo - Track friendly JDM exhausts Gaz - Suspension components HKS - Anything from turbo timers to exhausts KW - Suspension components Magnecor - I know starleters love these leads. Ohlins - High end Suspension components Pagid - Braking components Quaife - Differentials, gearboxes and steering racks. Rays - Lightweight racing wheels (Also way cooler than Rota, just sayin') Samco - Silicone hose kits Tein - Suspension components Turbosmart - Turbo components and accesories Vibrant - Silicone couplers and exhaust components Vibratechnics - Engine and gearbox mounts Wiseco - Forged pistons Whiteline - handling products I would write a more extensive list but I think that this gives you all enough to go at for now. If a product proves popular we will get it listed on the website to make it easier for people to buy in the future, Do not be afraid to email us a list of part numbers a mile long, we are here to help and to progress your build as much as possible. Our email is: Websales@tegiwaimports.com It does not just have to be a starlet part, We can even supply parts for cars of almost any marque. TRY US!
  7. The ETD group buy did not go ahead as we did not have enough names, sorry.
  8. 10 paid, waiting for 12 payments. Thank guys.
  9. Done, Sorry about that. Sorry to hear that you have had no reply. Seems strange to me. Feel free to try again.
  10. Starlet owners. A date for your Diary is 22nd July. To celebrate Ti Motorsport's 1st year in business, we are inviting you to 'Birthday Carnage!' Entertainment includes a Dyno Shoot Out, Xbox Simulator Hot Laps, Food / Drink and a Live DJ! Visitors can also take advantage of exclusive 'on the day' discounted aftermarket parts. We have had a large range of performance cars pass through the workshop over 12 months, from Civic Type Rs to BMW M4s and Race spec Aston Martins. Show your support, bring your car(s), tell your friends!
  11. Hi all, Please pay using the special order product on our website, (link below), http://www.tegiwaimp...rder-16746.html Add £29 to your basket and order as usual, Please then send me the order number as a PM. Alternatively if you are a UK customer you can call and order over the phone, 01782 334440 option 1 and ask for James. Thanks SIDE NOTE: These parts came back into stock with us yesterday, however they are not quite right. SO please do not expect them straight away, we are getting another batch made up that may take 1-2 weeks. But I'm sure you would all much rather wait a couple of weeks and get something that fits right.
  12. BMCS - PLEASE PAY NOW, ITEM WILL BE AVAILABLE IN 1WEEK - Email websales@tegiwaimports.com or call 01782 334440 if you are a UK customer. We are not taking direct PayPal payments Socks T-Dog PAID Lukep PAID Callum122 PAID Fozzie PAID ep91sleep bigguyinep PAID kbond PAID Freedomcore Zoib_786 George_EP82 JamesD89 PAID Ep Starlet Alan PAID H_D StanMan PAID TrisK PAID Faiyaz.123 PAID Chops Nafeez2125 PAID teta PAID patman Mike84 Siwfc ETD - NOT ENOUGH PEOPLE, COULD NOT GO AHEAD SORRY
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