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  1. Starlet owners. A date for your Diary is 22nd July. To celebrate Ti Motorsport's 1st year in business, we are inviting you to 'Birthday Carnage!' Entertainment includes a Dyno Shoot Out, Xbox Simulator Hot Laps, Food / Drink and a Live DJ! Visitors can also take advantage of exclusive 'on the day' discounted aftermarket parts. We have had a large range of performance cars pass through the workshop over 12 months, from Civic Type Rs to BMW M4s and Race spec Aston Martins. Show your support, bring your car(s), tell your friends!
  2. Bump guys. If photos of what we do have would help you to know what we need then ill post some.
  3. The car has a front mount intercooler so we are after an aftermarket i take that will fit with this.
  4. Send pictures and details to info@ti-motorsport.co.uk Send pictures and details to info@ti-motorsport.co.uk
  5. Hi all. We are sorted out with a Blitz BOV, with thanks to 'Starletezy' Thanks for the advice and the fast delivery. Still looking for an intake and a fusebox.
  6. Tegiwa Imports


    HI all, I know you guys are the ones to ask. We are looking for some parts for a customers car to get it running again. All parts are for a glanza engine bay fusebox air intake / induction kit (currently has open turbo.) blowoff valve Please email info@ti-motorsport.co.uk if you have anything that would be of interest to us. Thanks
  7. And here we are, Please feel free to peruse our introduction thread. http://www.ukstarletowners.com/topic/103913-tegiwa-imports-introduction/
  8. Hi Guys, The tegiwa section is now actie, it has been great to see such a good inital response, 7PMs and 18 or so replies within a couple of days! ​Certainly the most active forum that we are a trader on. I have now set u the first UKSO group buy, Hopefully the first of many. Anything you guys want, let me know, Part numbers would be ideal though. It really is good to see the forum is as active as it was when I was in the throws of my EP70 build about 3-4 years ago.
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