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  1. I wrapped my full buddyclub for my GT as well, bit of a pain as it's sleeved with springs and you can't really wrap round that lol. I think I bought 2 x 10m rolls but don't think I used it all either.
  2. TD04GT

    Spigot rings for astra discs

    Thanks for the advice lads. I think I'll send the hubs and discs along together to have them lathe'd and spigot rings made up then.
  3. TD04GT

    Spigot rings for astra discs

    I've seen many posts saying you need spigot rings to centre the astra discs used on a levin twin pot setup, does anyone actually know the specs or sizes of the spigot rings? If I was to bore the inside face of the discs which fit over the hub to within 0.5mm of the diameter for a snug fit, would this make the spigot rings unnecessary?
  4. TD04GT

    Tial/Turbosmart Wastegate

    Chancing my arm for a decent second hand one before I buy new as I'm in no rush. Will keep in mind thanks though.
  5. TD04GT

    Tial/Turbosmart Wastegate

  6. TD04GT

    Tial/Turbosmart Wastegate

    After a v-band one if there's any out there for sale.
  7. TD04GT

    4e, 5e Gearbox anything considered

    G6r gearbox here with bell housing swap done if you're interested.
  8. TD04GT

    4efte clutch

    Im after a healthy Blitz or Orc clutch with release bearing..May also consider os giken. Pm if you have one or could have one for sale soon, no immediate rush. Thanks
  9. TD04GT


    Bought a speedo convertor off Trev and it arrived within 2 days well packaged and with a free trd sticker
  10. TD04GT

    OEM LSD rear mount

    Still looking if anyone has one.
  11. TD04GT

    Wanted - Front brake kit

  12. TD04GT

    OEM LSD rear mount

    Pm coming.
  13. TD04GT

    OEM LSD rear mount

  14. TD04GT

    OEM LSD rear mount

    As title says, after the alloy mount. Rubber or poly bush.
  15. TD04GT

    Boost drop after new mani

    I think your bang on there, the fact your blowing more air could cause a weak actuator to fail.