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  1. Brutal MOT result. Advice please!

    Thanks mate you've helped me out loads on this one so far I appreciate the effort and will have a word with them
  2. Brutal MOT result. Advice please!

    Soz to throw a spanner in the works but can i point you guys towards this? http://www.toyotagtturbo.com/forums/showthread.php?p=537449 Looks to be saying because its first registered in japan post 95 it still needs the basic cat test Never thought I'd have this much trouble on this part of the MOT haha. why can't this stuff be black and white!! these cars should be exempt classics in my opinion anyway. buggers!    
  3. Brutal MOT result. Advice please!

    Thanks mate. looks like I need to give them a call in the morning as pretty sure they're putting it through the standard tests....
  4. Brutal MOT result. Advice please!

    could you clarify this for me a bit guys? I've now dropped this car in to a jap car specialist. They've done the welding (under sills as well so thats a load off my mind) They've actually said they can't see ANY blue smoke and sounded suprised to see this on the mot so looks like no issue there... They said they found an air leak in the exhaust which they thought was why it failed on emissions and have fixed that up expecting it to get through. They've then run it through an emissions test to check and its still failing.. They've told me they think they need to order a new cat in for it (£150 plus vat and labour) and that it should get through emissions after the new ones fitted.... am I blowing money away here?   Thanks      
  5. Brutal MOT result. Advice please!

    I appreciate what you're trying to say but I'll sell my soul to fund this stuff there's no way this cars being moved on!  maybe its a bit ambitous to have it as a daily car though I admit. I've been told by the guys who did the MOT the underside is great aside from these two spots so i'm not too worried about them tbh. I'm not gonna cheap out on that or engine work it might just take a bit of time to get it done is all. So sounds like I'm not gonna get through on the emissions that way.. I think im gonna look into getting a sports cat and the welding done to get back on the road and then as soon as I can, start doing things like a compression test and replacing any vitals. Yeah saw that mentioned above and to be fair I didnt think mine was too bad. Yeah I get exhaust fumes for a while on startup but its freezing atm so I didnt think anything of it. didnt look particularly blue either but I could be wrong. I'd been checking the oil pretty frequently and the levels didnt seem to drop. had to put some in once I think. I get no engine management lights, no oil light, I get all 3 boost lights when accelerating. the cars done 130k (km) and feels great so I was suprised at how much I was being told needs to be done.    Am I looking at something like this? https://www.ebay.co.uk/p/2-50mm-Magnaflow-Universal-High-Flow-Sports-Catalytic-Converter-200-Cell-59954/1830522472   any suggestions for any others?   cheers again
  6. Brutal MOT result. Advice please!

    I agree its probably worth changing all components at once for the sake of them wearing together but good to know its not vital if not possible. Dude I wish I could rebuild the engine and give this car what it deserves but thats just not possible for me. I can barely afford necessary repairs and Im trying to learn but my mech knowledge is minimal haha. thanks for the advice on the rust, The cars been undercoated but I wanna make sure these spots are sorted long term and not just put a plaster over the cracks. Wouldn't mind it being road legal in the meantime though!
  7. Brutal MOT result. Advice please!

    No way! So they've done the emissions test to a UK starlet standard? Just to be sure...  Are you guys saying it should be tested as though it didnt even have a catalyctic converter? like a car made pre 95? or it should have been tested using default limits like lowest right hand box in the diagram? It flew through its first MOT with just one advisory about play in the steering rack and nothing on emissions. do you guys think its likely If i get it retested to the correct standard it might get through on emissions then? If thats the case it'd just be the welding needed which also didnt show on the last MOT (which I found a bit odd). The MOT tester said its only a small bit of corrosion so could have been missed... What do you guys think about the idea of just taking to a different MOT tester and explaining the emissions thing prior to them testing it. Could they miss the corrosion and pass the car? (Thinking purely to get her back on the road fast here not thinking leave the corrosion to get worse afterwards haha)   ta again lads
  8. Brutal MOT result. Advice please!

      Sweet so if someone knows what they're doing its not a big job. What I wanted to hear really!  To be fair I'd love to do these bits myself but as you say its the time. It'd take me months of trial and error and this cars my daily at the moment.. I've had to nick my poor mums ride to get to and from work so the sooner I can go and give it back to her the better haha. Appreciate the rest of the advice as well mate. Im still trying to learn as I go along. I'm gonna have to get a second runabout I think so I can take the glanza off the road and really get into doing bits myself with no time limit.  I'll have a word with an experienced mechanic about it too but all good info man. Always helps to have an idea of whats going on before you take it somewhere and throw money at someone!
  9. Brutal MOT result. Advice please!

    Loving the replies already . Didn't have a clue about this either mate so thanks again and will look into it. Sorry I probably sound proper dumb but if this was the case would the emissions failure not be related to the blue smoke/oil burning?   Appreciate the support bud 
  10. Brutal MOT result. Advice please!

    Thanks bud I'll look them up. Yeah last serviced about 10k (km) ago but could do with another granted!  I think the oil burning (blue smoke) has poisoned the cat which is why its failing on emissions there but yeah def worth giving another service after i've sorted that... Anything to give it a helping hand! 
  11. Hi guys looking for a bit of advice here. Took my 96 reg glanza for its first MOT since It was imported and its failed miserably.. Reason(s) for failure Exhaust emissions carbon monoxide content at idle excessive (7.3.D.4) Exhaust emissions carbon monoxide content after 2nd fast idle excessive (7.3.D.3) Exhaust emissions Lambda reading after 2nd fast idle outside specified limits (7.3.D.3) Nearside Rear Suspension component mounting prescribed area is excessively corroded (2.4.A.3) Offside Rear Suspension component mounting prescribed area is excessively corroded (2.4.A.3) Advisory notice item(s) Exhaust emits blue smoke during acceleration and at idle (7.3.A.2c)     So I've been told it needs some welding done around the suspension components in two small spots and otherwise the undersides looking good. Gutted as this is gonna cost a lot but silver lining it could have been worse!   My main worry is the blue smoke - I had the Stem seals replaced when I got the car and thought that was the end of it, the guys at this garage reckon the Valve guides are worn and that might be why but also got me worried by saying if its not that its gonna be Piston rings or the Turbo. they've said if the oil/blue smoke issue is sorted a bit of cat cleaner might save me having to replace the cat and the car will hopefully get through on emissions.    So question time..Assuming its the Valve guides and not the Piston rings or Turbo. Can anyone tell me if this is this a big job?  I'm not gonna be able to do it myself so its looking like its gonna be a specialist but I don't have a clue when it comes to how much work this is.   Am I gonna be looking at mostly labour costs or is it gonna be a simple job?   This might be a bit of a stretch to ask but has anyone had the work done before or have an Idea of the price they got it done for?   Lastly.. I know of a specialist nearby i'm probably gonna end up going to but can anyone give me any recommendations for a place for this kind of work? Im down in the south (southampton) but will travel (a bit) for a better result.     Appreciate the advice if you have any guys      
  12. Is this Fuel Cut?

    This was a while ago now but for anyone having the same issues future reference pics below.    
  13. Is this Fuel Cut?

    Hey again guys. Its back on the road so thought Id give this an update for anyones future reference It turned out to be a fried king ignition cable. It had actually melted the wire next to the distributor and was sparking. Replaced it and its sweet now. will upload a pic or two when i can. Thanks again guys!
  14. Is this Fuel Cut?

    Appreciate these other responses guys. The engine management light doesn't come on when it happens and I've not ruled out it could be HT leads or plugs so im hoping to replace these asap too. I've read that way of describing fuel cut before and i wouldnt say this is the same.. first time it happened I actually thought I'd hit a pot hole and it'd popped out of gear somehow. Im looking more into it as i type but I've noticed today it happens at 4k revs specifically and last time i got a big pop from the exhaust too. I'm not gonna be driving it daily till this is sorted now as im scared I'll hurt my baby!    
  15. Is this Fuel Cut?

    This makes perfect sense as I've had the car from about may.  Yes! a boost gauge sounds like a wise investment. amazingly quick reply man. Thanks :)