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  1. Is this Fuel Cut?

    This was a while ago now but for anyone having the same issues future reference pics below.    
  2. Is this Fuel Cut?

    Hey again guys. Its back on the road so thought Id give this an update for anyones future reference It turned out to be a fried king ignition cable. It had actually melted the wire next to the distributor and was sparking. Replaced it and its sweet now. will upload a pic or two when i can. Thanks again guys!
  3. Is this Fuel Cut?

    Appreciate these other responses guys. The engine management light doesn't come on when it happens and I've not ruled out it could be HT leads or plugs so im hoping to replace these asap too. I've read that way of describing fuel cut before and i wouldnt say this is the same.. first time it happened I actually thought I'd hit a pot hole and it'd popped out of gear somehow. Im looking more into it as i type but I've noticed today it happens at 4k revs specifically and last time i got a big pop from the exhaust too. I'm not gonna be driving it daily till this is sorted now as im scared I'll hurt my baby!    
  4. Is this Fuel Cut?

    This makes perfect sense as I've had the car from about may.  Yes! a boost gauge sounds like a wise investment. amazingly quick reply man. Thanks :)
  5. Is this Fuel Cut?

    Hi guys I've started to get an issue recently and im not sure if it's fuel cut related. I'm puttin my foot down, the car starts to accelerate, all 3 boost lights come on( ), but then the car seems to judder for a second and I lose all acceleration until I pull my foot off the pedal and put it back down again (although my instinct is to do this straight away so i can't really say if it would stay off or kick back in). It doesn't seem to happen when I accelerate more gently even to full boost. It's most notable in 2nd gear I guess beause of the revs/boost building up faster but I've had it happen in 5th.  I've had the car with no previous UK owners so don't have any record of the boost being turned up and wouldnt really have a clue how to check but i've always thought it was standard. It's only started happening recently as well. If it was fuel cut would it have happened from day 1 with the boost turned up from the previous owner? any help appreciated in finding out what this is
  6. Pre facelift front badge

    Ive had no luck with this still so if any one has one let me know
  7. 1996 Glanza v Parcel shelf

    Hi guys. title says it all really not sure if the shelf is the same for all 96 onward starlets? Doesnt need to be uncut as long as its just a standard 6x9 speaker fitting as that the plan anyway. Pm me if you've got one going
  8. Pre facelift front badge

    Thanks mate. yeah coming up as £16.59 Not used this website for but think im using it in the right way. I've sent a request over to them anyway so fingers crossed
  9. Pre facelift front badge

    Apologies guys I know there are a few threads relating to this already. I've just been on the phone to my local toyota parts centre and after telling me they could get one for about £21 posted they've told me its been discontinued... Most of the posts about this say its about the £15 mark and people don't seem to have trouble getting one :s Am I calling the wrong toyota garage here or has the price been updated and then just discontinued. can anyone shed some light on this?
  10. Glanza choices

    So here we go.. managed to get hold of a 96 model within my price range (ish) ;) and around 70k on the clock Been driving it for about a week and loving every second. At the moment I'm going to just try and restore her to her former glory and get rid of any cracks/chips on the paintwork and touch up the inside a tad. only one bad photo I'm afraid. ">http://href='http://s1262.photobucket.com/user/jwood91starlet/media/Photo0086_zpsrnb0zxr7.jpg.html'>
  11. Glanza choices

    Thanks dude appreciate the help
  12. Glanza choices

    Ahh wondered if it was bought by someone on here and if I'd see it again. Just had a quick look at your thread about it. Glad to see its destined for big things! New question for any users here. Have been coming across Japanese auction sheets and wondering if anyone has been able to find a way to translate the Inspectors comments. I managed to look up the annotations listed on the cars for scratches, dents and rust etc but am pretty sure they write up mechanical faults with the car in a particular box on the sheet. anybody come across this before?
  13. Glanza choices

    Thanks bud. The car was sold by the time I got back to the guy so first come first served I guess Anyone selling a white glanza (pref post facelift but not a dealbreaker) with little or no mods give us a shout!
  14. Glanza choices

    Ok cheers mate. Link for the car in question here. Have also found the seller listed under a different name on facebook here. So they've said no to a compression test.. They've stated their reasons as "to do a compression test is not appropriate as the top mount intercooler need to be removed and also spark plugs" Not sure if they're trying to avoid it here or just concerned about someone unqualified carrying out the test and causing a problem.... no way to know for sure I guess but it doesn't sound great. My uncle is hopefully going to see the car soon to give it a once over as he's a little more experienced in the used car buying department. Will hopefully have an update later in the week!
  15. Glanza choices

    Morgey - Appreciate this mate, Its from the Birmingham area this one. wish I had a longer response to show gratitude for the advice, Thanks. Haha, little reluctant to do this in case its a secret beaut that gets snapped up by someone forum browsing... WIll post it soon though, are direct links to cars for sale on a certain bidding based site ok to put up on here or against forum rules?