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  1. Anyone Invested yet? cryptocurrency

    @Calum122 It is a lot more complicated like you say but that is the broken down version of what I understand of it. It becomes harder to mine when more people jump on the bandwagon and squash the verification. Haha I like your imagination.. Have you seen the movie 'Pi' (1998) ?
  2. Anyone Invested yet? cryptocurrency

    I don't know what mystery mathematical formula your speaking about. It can't be a random formula which supposedly makes you money out of thin air. It has to be related to the model for it to work. It basically follows where the money went through the internet (lots of different scripts/codes that the GPU processes etc) and verifying the transactions.The maths is in how your GPU processes that information and verifies transactions. Every crypto transaction requires a fee to be paid. The higher the fee, the quicker the money moves. Your GPU the verify this transaction and make a small percentage of the fee.
  3. Anyone Invested yet? cryptocurrency

    The Blockchain itself doesn't calculate anything. The Blockchain is the data of all previous transactions. i.e for Ethereum, all the blockchain data you will download will be for smart contracts. It's your GPU that does the calculating. The GPU accounts for and verifies all the previous transactions/data in the 'blockchain'.
  4. Anyone Invested yet? cryptocurrency

    Unfortunately it's no longer backed by Gold. We are now living in a time where our money is backed by petroleum. In 1933, President Richard Nixon announces that US will no longer convert dollars to gold at a fixed value. Therefore abandoning the gold standard. During The Great Depression (1929-1939), most countries were forced to remove the gold standard from their currencies; including UK, in 1931. You'd think this would be common knowledge but it's one of those things they want to erase from history...
  5. Anyone Invested yet? cryptocurrency

    I'm sorry dude, I don't know how else to explain it. Hope it makes slightly more sense then before anyway.
  6. Anyone Invested yet? cryptocurrency

    Okay well to answer your question; A Blockchain is a FULL PUBLIC RECORD of ALL TRANSACTIONS for that particular cryptocurrency. The Blockchain can be viewed by anybody and can be used to determine how many 'X' cryptcurrency amount were attached to any one address at a given time. So yeah, you can literally see every transaction in public doman; go to Your right in questioning 'how does it have any value. The fact is, it does NOT have any 'intrinsic value'. However, you can see for yourself that it has significant 'monetary value'. A block is a measure of code that's composes the blockchain. It's basically the record of transactions that have occurred since the last block was created and confirmed to its previous transactions. Each block links to the block before it, therefore creating a full chain back to the original genesis block. The reason why it's now worth so much money and why it works legitimately is because the whole system agrees and works with itself. Therefore when you create a new block, your dividing the total amount in the public domain of transactions and then adding that back what you've mined in a agreed system. Basically, your using GPU power for 24/7 accounting of the blockchain and getting paid a little tiny bit each time for your services. I'm still a beginner and learning about it myself, but  this is what I understand of it. If anyone thinks I'm wrong, please correct me. Thanks
  7. Anyone Invested yet? cryptocurrency

    I get your point but the actual calculations are not shady or fake. They're legitimate calculations that continue the blockchain and when your graphics card solves the problem, the next block is created and you earn a little bit more cryptocurrency. This is called hash rate. All graphics cards have a certain benchmark hash rate and this determines how well your PC will be able to mine.   So generally speaking, I understand why you'd think ''well how is it legitimate when it's just solving a problem to a formula ect''... In actual fact, when a problem is solved, not only is a new block created but all previous transactions are also verified within its chain.
  8. Anyone Invested yet? cryptocurrency

    It's a decentralized currency. The transactions are verified by network nodes and recorded by an immutable public distributed ledger. This is called a Blockchain. There is a set fixed amount released into the public domain which can be divided pretty much indefinitely. The federal governments can't fuck it up because they aren't able to switch on printers and print out more fake plastic money. Hence the prices going up on these is somewhat a reflection of how fake the actual monetary system is becoming. New World Order anyone?
  9. Head gasket blown in all directions...engine swap or scrap

    Hey dude, DIY is not stupid at all, its clever and  your saving money. Just keep practicing and remain persistent. From pictures, it looks like one of the cylinders has been steam cleaned like LukEP says... is there any fracturing or any tell signs of hydrolock? From the original story, I would try to recover some costs from your 'friend' who borrowed the car, especially if you made it clear to him that the head gaskets on its way out and to keep eye on temperature. I would have probably gone with a new engine to begin with but everything you've done so far is good practice so keep your head up.  If engines are cheap and readily available, just put another in. It's relatively easy. Take off drifve shafts, disconnect all connectors and unbolt engine from mount. You have a easy car to work on so it's a good place to start. Just make sure you can trust the seller on condition of engine if you go down this route.
  10. New Daily - What do ya think?

    haha got a 4efte in one car, do I really need another one Chops lad!? If you want to draft up the mounts, and put the engine in, I'll consider it ;) haha I'm thinking supercharged ZC..... Definitely going to be doing a Motul race car rep when it's set up! 
  11. New Daily - What do ya think?

    Thanks for the kind words Bluebear, it's not really one for looks at the minute, Got a set off Aleycats collecting dust in the shed that need to go on and will probably drop it like 30-50mm, then it will start to look more presentable. Yes buddy, I'm favoring tthe ZC conversion atm and maybe supercharge?? Have thought about B series but engine but the extra 50kg may be too heavy and hinder handling dynamics. The actual design and ergonomics of the car are brilliant. Rear seats recline like a Maybach and it also has pop out windows. Parcel shelf has a locking in mechanism with two flaps on either side to make entry from trunk and inside of car really easy. Lots of leg space (one of the most comfortable 2 door hatchbacks, old and new, to drive being 6'1) and so much more, Honda really gave it some thought. So replaced the water pump, timing belt and all the other shit in literally about an hour and half, really easy to work on! From Friday last week, my Glanza officially went off road and I've switched over to the Civic. From 2 days of driving (and being able to push it more), I got to say, it's an awesome little car! It fires right up first time every time with the choke. Handles great and some how manages to drift very well! You guys will think I'm bullshitting but I'm truthfully not, this thing actually drifts lol. So the 1.3 engine is quiet under powered but it goes pretty well when you give it some and gives exceptional gas mileage. Damn water temp isn't getting up to good temperature so Thermostat will be replaced when it arrives this week. Overall, I'm very pleased! To compare handling to my starlet would be a bit unfair as I've thrown shit load of handling mods at it, but I do remember when it was 100% stock and I gotta say that the Civic handles much much better than a stock starlet. I'm sorry guys, I went there. lol  
  12. Ct9 decat blitz

    Micky Boy has one for sale, message him
  13. New Daily - What do ya think?

    Didn't think of that mate, I think your right. Wouldn't want it's arse poking out the bottom clipping every f**'in speed bump! 
  14. New Daily - What do ya think?

    Thanks pal..Funnily enough, the b18 is about 5-10kg heavier than the b16 and the b20 and then you got the k20 which weighs about the same as a B engine, so if you were going b series, you may aswel just go k20 (it fits too). And then you have the ZC engine which is about 45-50 kg less than all of them! Whichever route I go down, I think I'm going to be supercharging...
  15. New Daily - What do ya think?

    awesomee haha lets get your starlet sorted then, you found any coileys for it yet?