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  1. Reverse lights following manual conversion

    absolute legend..thanks matey!
  2. Td04 Turbo rebuild

    mental, that's pretty high mate. I paid 180 on a ct9 hybrid rebuild... would it be because it's a bigger turbo?
  3. Reverse lights following manual conversion

    okay awesome buddy, I appreciate your help!
  4. Reverse lights following manual conversion

    aah damn, I've got pre-face lift model and the horn is like a mechanical button whilst the hub I've used uses a wired connection.  I think I read somewhere that yellow wire under dash is the horn?
  5. Reverse lights following manual conversion

    aah okay, that makes sense mate. is it two pins on the harness or just the one?
  6. Reverse lights following manual conversion

    Wow, well I didn't know one. Nice one pal!  Yeah, I'd like to get it sorted for safety reasons anyway. Do you know if the horn is part of the test?
  7. Got MOT coming up end of this month. Converted my Glanza from Auto to Manual. The connector for reverse light was different on the manual box. How can I get it to work? Do I need to source a connector from a manual box and switch it over on the loom or is there a way to spade the connectors together? Many Thanks
  8. Help! MOT failed on emissions

    Yes but on the other hand, her vehicle was tested last year for an entire year as stated by expiry date on the certificate, not 11 months. They're not gonna be anal and say, you were a good organised person who tried to MOT their car earlier than normal. However it's failed and now we are gonna forcefully expire your current MOT are they? Her car is entitled to be on the road for the whole year the MOT is valid from regardless of if it's about to fall apart or not. 
  9. Help! MOT failed on emissions

    Yes mate, that is true for cars which have expired MOT. I'm saying this one is hasn't expired yet if 2017 test expires mid April? Surely she's allowed to continue using her car until it expires in mid April as MOT certificate of failure won't be updated on DVLA website until the old one expires right???
  10. Help! MOT failed on emissions

    Lady says her MOT expires in Mid April. Upon renewal this year it failed. Surely the MOT certificate issued in 2017 is still valid until mid April? Otherwise there wouldn't be any way for organised people looking to get their MOT renewed earlier to get car back and forth for fixing problems/re-testing...DVLA would keep the in-date MOT certificate on their system, I can't see them replacing it with a failed MOT certificate if the previous MOT hasn't yet expired... MOT tester would only tell the Police about an unsafe car if it was really really bad like the chassis is about to split in two etc.. Also, we all say bad things about the Police but UK Police are not that bad.. They'd usually give you a week after it's expired to get MOT on it and just give you a warning if your stopped before then. You'd be looking at being charged if after 1 week though..
  11. Help! MOT failed on emissions

    Agree with Calum, never use Halfords for MOT or even any general repair mate. These cunts are having you over by the sounds of it. And who told you you need a new engine? They need to be fucking shot.. I've found Redex helps clean system/reduce carbon reading before an MOT/Emission test, just make sure you take it for a good blast with the Redex in it before dropping it off for testing. How many days has your MOT been expired? You can still have it retested elsewere, have you got a the list of things it failed on? If it's small jobs, I'd say get a small tool kit and couple axle stands/jack and have a go at it yourself.. loads of people here/on Facebook happy to help you with it. And then take it to a local garage that don't look like cowboys to get it retested. Plea your case and tell them how Halfords tested your car and said it needs a new engine because the emissions are too high, they will have a right laugh and pass it without too much effort.
  12. Okay, so on further inspection, noise seems to be coming from Pulley side and not gearbox side :s.... Maybe worn bearings on the alternator. Belts are also soaked in oil due to an oil leak, may also be that. The belts are super tight however... 
  13. Let me know if you need an Auto box pal
  14. Aup guys, I've been enjoying some trouble-free miles on my starlet, following turbo kit upgrade, it goes like a stabbed rat! Until a few days ago when a whining noise started. It happens mainly when I'm gear; when I take it out of gear and coast, the noise goes away. The whining noise also starts occurring when i press the gas pedal down.. It sounds almost like a belt slipping noise.. It's not really loud but it is noticeable.. I have noticed that I'm getting boost slightly later after this noise developed.. It still goes in and out of gear perfectly fine. If anything, the clutch pedal does feel a bit softer.. I'm starting to think its the bearings in the gearbox that need replacing, I'm not a 100% sure but considering noise occurs when in gear points in that direction...? So I came across this kit: I've got an aftermarket LSD gearbox and I was wondering if anyone has replaced the bearings in the link above before? Is it a difficult task? Or is it recommended that I remove gearbox and get bearing replaced by specialist? I'm not 100% certain on the issue itself so all feedback is welcome! Also, I'm using the car as daily atm as the Civic has gone in for it's MOT and some bodywork... Is there a risk that my gearbox could fail/blow if I continue using it with faulty bearings?? I'd rather make arrangements for another temporary car rather then blow an LSD gearbox up.. Been a while since I posted some pictures. Here's some from last weekend following a wash and wax oil treatment underneath...  
  15. N127 AHD

    oops, nothing to be concerned about, it's N '81 AHD, not N '127' AHD.