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  1. Micky Boy

    Bought a Zisco ramhorn manifold and CT9 hybrid turbo off this dude for very reasonable money. Not tested them yet but they seem to be in great order. Will update. He's a top genuine lad, Some interesting work and sexy parts going into his Glanza! A* Seller, definitely recommended! 
  2. haha came across this last week whilst looking for something to buy to daily whilst taking Glanza off road. Yes, not very sensible, I know, don't know how I ended up there. It looks like it's been done to a good standard tbh. I'm a fan of the mad body work. But yeah, £12.5 k for a project is wayyy to much lol. I ended up buying a 3G civic anyway, I'll show you guys in abit!
  3. Tapatalk

    ah okay i see. so it's not only me experiencing issues.
  4. Tapatalk

    Aup guys. Anyone else having issues with Tapatalk? My app isn't even recognising or finding ukstarletowners on search. Thanks
  5. turbo gearbox

    zoib has one mate
  6. Forza Motorsport 7

    project cars 2 is great but I can't for the life in me drive in the fucking rain! It's stupidly hard.
  7. Failed oring

    That's a fat sandwich plate ! did it come with any sort of gasket?
  8. Glanza Backboxes

    Will make your car sound like a rally car haha. Be careful around the feds, I don't think they're legal for road use.
  9. 4efte Manual Gearbox with LSD Preferred

    Can be outside of Midlands too, get in touch
  10. Mate is in urgent need of a manual transmission for his Glanza. He would prefer an LSD box. Anyone got one around midlands area? Thanks
  11. Chops

    haha awesome bit of kit mate, amazing how much traction i get around corners and bends now, just sticks down to the ground so well.
  12. Chops

    Chops sacrificed an entire weekend to help convert my Glanza from auto to manual. He sold me a gearbox with LSD for very reasonable money and I have had no issues with it since installation. Really appreciate his help, He was very accommodating and patient in explaining things along the way. In the rush of it all, I managed to cross thread one of my drive shafts and he gave me a spare to use whilst I replace the CV joint on existing one. What a guy! This dude has a heart of gold with genuine passion for cars and always willing to help. A* member who I fully recommend doing business with.  Thanks again Chops!
  13. Europe Road Trip..What Car

    Hondas are generally high rpm engines. Scoobys sit at around 3.5k rpm at 70mph
  14. Europe Road Trip..What Car

    I bet that mx5 is alot fun for a little car! Rx7's demand even higher premiums then S2000s! But great cars never the less. Might be worth looking for a Skyline GTST! Scooby or Evos are also worth thinking about. Wildcard - Pulsar GTIR  
  15. Europe Road Trip..What Car

    yeah mate I get ya. You wouldn't even need to be a boy racer... You could easily spin out by going too slowly around a bend and then giving it a surge of too much acceleration. My mate tells me they're great cars to drive once you've got the feel for them anyway. Otherwise your right, they can easily be crashed lol