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  1. Nilz90

    Launching a Starlet Gt

    Oh ok thanks for confiming mate so no need to hold revs at certain rpm or anything?
  2. Nilz90

    Launching a Starlet Gt

    Thinking of taking my starlet gt on a 1/4 mile drag strip in a few weeks to see what times it’s reaching. I’ve got a emanage ultimate with launch control set up never used it and not sure how to. This is probably a stupid question but how do you launch a starlet gt td04 off the lights to get a good start?
  3. Nilz90

    Hks turbo timer

    Hi, I have a hks turbo timer which I wanted to fit, Does anyone know which wires go where its grey, black, blue, green and red? Ideally I don’t want to cut the ignition wires so would it be possible to buy something like this for the timer and cut it and connect it to the hks ignition loom? Think it’s for a different hks turbo timer though just wanted to make sure it would still work. https://id-workz.co.uk/select-car/toyota/starlet/ep91-glanza/hks-turbo-timer-harness-starlet-ep82
  4. Nilz90

    Injector Leaking

    Thanks buddy, I’m assuming there fine for a standard gt turbo injectors?
  5. Nilz90

    Injector Leaking

    Hi, I had my car mapped a few weeks ago. The injector 1 started leaking fuel a week after. How easy are these to change and does anyone know if the ebay or ID-Workz ones are good or am I better off buying genuine from Toyota? Thanks
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  7. Nilz90

    Poly Bushes

    How long would you say to bed in roughly? I done about a 1000 miles since.
  8. Nilz90

    Poly Bushes

    hmm do you think it could be the rear gearbox mount that judders on down shift? I brought that one used from someone on here. The other 2 were brand new. I can deal with the vibrations but that juddering on down shift is annoying or could this be related to the Competition Clutch paddle clutch I got fitted in?
  9. Nilz90

    Poly Bushes

    I got all 3 Engine and Gearbox poly bushes fitted recently along with a new Competition Clutch. Are they meant to vibrate the hell out the car lol it seems like the cars going to fall in pieces soon. - Vibrates alot on idle - When backing down a gear to break the whole car judders and vibrates. (This is the worst bit) Which ones the best to change back to normal again to get a good ride again, or all 3?
  10. Nilz90

    Indigo dial resister box

    It's a long shot...Let me know if any one has the indigo dial resistor box and colour changer switch. I've got the dials but missing the rest of it. Thanks
  11. Nilz90

    Indigo dials

    oh damn don't think I have that do you know where I would be able to get it from? thanks
  12. Nilz90

    Indigo dials

    Hi is anyone able to help on how to fit these in my EP82. Not sure where all these wires hanging out go or am I missing something?
  13. Nilz90

    Coilovers EP82

    Yep I spotted them do you know how the ride is with D2's? Roads around London with bumps and potholes are not really that great.
  14. Hi, I brought the car with DD coilovers already on there but there is no adjustment pin to harden or soften them. Does anyone know what I can use to make them softer, their meant to have a 40 step adjustment?? Or where I can get a adjustment knob/pin from can't seem to find it anywhere. Wanted to lift the car slightly up but they are fully seized attempted by two garages so thought I'd try adjust them to see if they get anymore comfortable.