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  1. Ep91 lowering springs

    Ok mate Let me know if your struggling to get some  and I will check on postage cost I reckon it would be 10-15 quid but my local post office is a pain in the ass that's why I preferred collection. But don't wanna see one of the lads struggle so let me know 
  2. Ep91 lowering springs

  3. Ep91 lowering springs

    I've got a set of Killen sport springs. I had them on my starlet for a month or two but they were a bit low and harsh for me. You can have them for 50 quid if you wanna collect them( don't fancy posting due to weight) I'm in paisley, just outside Glasgow. Cheers 
  4. Parts Wanted - seats, parcel shelf, wheels

    I've got a standard starlet ep91 parcel shelf (non speaker effort) if you think that would be any use to you? It's a semi dark grey colour. Cheers 
  5. Ep91 spoiler wanted

    I've got a solida spoiler that's missing the the caps that cover the rivets if  you're interested? 
  6. Passenger side door barrel

    Hello, looking for a passenger door barrel for a n/a 1998 model. Mine has been attacked with a screw driver, not bothered about key as car has remote locking. Need it posted unless your in Glasgow. Cheers 
  7. Ignis recaros

    Hi all, looking for a bit of advice. I've been offered a mint set of front  ignis fishnet recaros at a real good price. I've seen some people say they sit too high and people fit custom rails! I like the tilt and spring forward feature on the passenger seat. Just looking for advice from people who have fitted them. Cheers 
  8. Optional front lip

    I have a fibre glass replica that I got of a lad on here. I don't think I'm gonna fit it. It doesn't look like it fits the best to be fair but it might just be me. they're a few we chips on it but it can be filled before painting. but I'm open to a reasonable offer on it and I'm in Glasgow if it helps? 
  9. Starlet sr tte spoiler

    Hi mate, no sorry I don't need one now. Thanks for the reply 
  10. Corolla inlet manifold

    Hello, looking to see if anyone has a corolla inlet manifold for sale  for a 4efe. I will need it posted unless close to Glasgow. Cheers!!  
  11. Recaro interior

    Hello, anybody know the going rate for a full recaro interior from a glanza v?? I've seen one for sale but can't justify the 600 quid price tag so close to Christmas!  I know these interiors are rare but is 600 quid priced about right or too dear? Thanks 
  12. Emanage blue with turbo 4efe...?

    I mentioned this to a lad who had a glanza and he fitted a hks fuel cut defender! Would this be a viable option for you? 
  13. My solida sr replica

    Got round to fitting my new fuel filter, air filter and freshly painted glanza strut brace. Next step is to polish inlet manifold and rocker cover. 
  14. 2000 tt quattro 225bhp

    225 bam engine is 1.8 20vt turbo which is mostly the same as 150/180 but has different map, injectors and turbo. I had an Ibiza cupra and it went well yes the engine had their faults but with a few mods a bam engine with a remap and bigger cooler should see 250 ish if I remember correctly! 
  15. Solida n/a parts

    Haha yeah it's not even welded on, just on by the jubilee clip that came with it. Once I fit my tte back box it might be up for sale is your interested?