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  1. Djaniero

    lookin for a 4 efte engine for my gt

    Was in a similar situation earlier this year mate. Get your current one rebuilt if you can for peace of mind.
  2. Djaniero


    Hi guys, Can anyone point me in the right direction of where to get a DET3 from, and what exactly I'll need? I spoke to a tuner who is happy to map it for me, but said he would need a base map in order to do so. Thanks
  3. Djaniero

    ***TD04 Manifold & Decat***

    As above guys....I'm on the look out for a TD04 Manifold and Decat with EWG....preferbly mild steel...but will listen to stainless options too. I'm replacing my toyosports kit, so not interested in another one. Let me know what you have
  4. Hi Guys, Random one, but hoping some of you gurus might help. I recently bought an Autofixed Turbo-Back exhaust system (For the noobs, a trader on the forum used to custom make them back in the day...awesome exhaust imo), but the backbox baffles need repairing as you can hear them moving around inside when you shake the backbox, Anyway, after speaking to a couple of fabricators, they have suggested to just replace the backbox with a new one, instead of repairing my old one. But my concern is, if I do this, that the exhaust may not sound the same :(. At the moment, the exhaust is 2.5inch straight through with no resonators and a japstyle can with a 3inch tip. Strangely enough it isn't loud at all, sounds perfect. Nice burble on idle, no drone when cruising around and not intrusively loud when on boost. On the other hand, the hks Hi power style system currently fitted to the car with a resonator is louder than my autofixed system, and does drone a bit when cruising and when on boost. Can anyone explain to me how the HKS system is louder than the autofixed system, if it has a resonator where as the autofixed is straight through?
  5. Djaniero

    Exhaust Fab Work

    Hi, can someone give me an idea of how much it would cost to get a bung welded into my down pipe for a wide band o2 sensor, and have the baffles repaired on a backbox? I would preferably like to take it to somewhere in the North West, but at this rate it looks like I will have to travel further a field to get it done (Not had much look finding anywhere that will do it locally) Thanks
  6. Djaniero

    Engine Removal

    Thanks guys. Gonna crack on with this next week....Excited to get stuck in but kinda reluctant at the same time incase I get something wrong. I've done basics recently like change discs/pads and changed fluids etc...but never done anything like this before.
  7. Djaniero

    Engine Removal

    Hi, My bottom end has gone on my mechanic is going to repair it for me. He's asked me to remove as many parts as I and then he'll come with his crane and remove the the main bits to get the engine out. Can Anyone give me a rough guide as to what I need to remove in prep for my mechanic to bring his engine crane to remove it? I was thinking exhaust, mani, turbo, fmic pipes rad etc??
  8. Djaniero

    Heater Issue

    Changed the thermostat and flushed the matrix etc - man some crap came out of there. I now have heat but again, the blower is working as normal, e.g when you select heat for face nothing is coming out of the vent at the top of the centre console, but air comes out of the drivers vent and passenger side vent. I took off the centre console, and stripped the heater controls down - so I could see the white vent coming from the fire wall- but everything looked in place????
  9. Djaniero

    Heater Issue

    How would I repair the broken/stuck flap chops?
  10. Djaniero

    Heater Issue

    Hi Guys, Recently got my GT back on the road after being sat for just over a year. Heaters were working fine beforehand, but recently developed a couple of issues. 1. The blower at the top of the centre consoles aren't blowing out any air whatsoever, but the rest of the heater outlets blow out fine. 2. The car seems to take for ever to warm up and whenever I come to a stop, the temp just drops down completely - going to flush the system, fit a new thermostat and new coolant to see if that works. Any idea what could be causing the first issue, and could they be related some how? Thanks for any info.
  11. Djaniero

    Rear Caliper Guide

    Just doing this now guys and we vant for the life of ua get the piston back in. Just seems to be spinning off the thread
  12. Djaniero

    Rear Caliper Guide

    Would this work? https://youtu.be/wvOpg7hASLs
  13. Djaniero

    Rear Caliper Guide

    I'm doing this tomorrow on my car. Any tips for getting the piston back on the thread and getting the dust boot seal over it?
  14. Djaniero

    EP91 front brake caliper bolts

    Are the bolts for the front and rear the same? Found these on ebay bur it says its for the rear? https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F251094530353
  15. Djaniero

    EP91 front brake caliper bolts

    Does anyone know where I could get this bolt from?