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  1. hi i didn`t mean exhaust noise but induction noise , mine are in vertical position almost against firewall& had cone filters originally , i then constructed an airbox & hooked up BMC filter to box .i can at least hear the radio now . you couldn`t hear anything once they opened up & progressively got louder as revs rose . to the german interest the ITb`s only control air into motor like a T/B not fuel this is done by which ever management sys you are using so to comply with emission laws tuning is the key to compliance along with appropiate exhaust lyle
  2. hi if you do get tempted consider an air box & air cleaner the induction noise is unbearable inside unless you want the noise ,you won`t hear anything else once they open up , i have fitted all of the above & it is still noticeable . its hard to describe benefits but motor will rev more freely way past redline in all gears if you dare to go there if not restricted into danger zone on std motor but a lot of fun & something different i haven`t done anything lately to mine but have managed to more than double horse power of STD motor as part of the mods done lyle
  3. hi that is what the credit card co advised when i put in a claim so i don`t know . hope paypal in the UK can make good on this mess need some good news from over there lyle
  4. as it clearly shows my payment was on the 4th December which was nearly 5 months ago and still I can claim it back via my credit card company they claim it off paypal and paypal then shove a massive dildo up cj performances arse i requested a dispute resolution with my credit card company & they declined reason paypal a/c closed so no way to claim against paypal . so how many others in same boat inow paypal a/c closed & no claim possible by banks & credit card companies no up=dates & no refunds either i suppose lyle
  5. hi it good news for the guys who are getting paypal partial refunds , but what about all those that missed the claim-by date by being patient what will paypal do for us?? i`ve taken out a dispute with my credit card so waing for a result not sure what to think if the bank can`t get my money back this whole sorry mess makes me sad . you guys ( you know who you are ) have made my shopping something you should be proud of then this . what do i do now when i want to shop over there ???
  6. hi this forum needs to hear genuine concise answers re the issues not all chit-chat . this not helping those that can`t make paypal dispute claims & are wanting a response& refund i sent PM as requested & nothing since as others have done the problem`s can`t go away if the HEAD-IN-SAND approach is used regular up-dates are needed now so matters don`t get any worse lyle
  7. hi any news /up-date on progress on refunds have not even had a reply to PM some news would be better than no up-dates at all waiting lyle
  8. here is my offering from this Ver 1 to this Ver 2
  9. hi this may be what you were looking at but if not this is what i did to fit to my ITB`s
  10. hi would be interested in foot well light & ign barrel light complete price & post to australia NT 0822 thanks lyle
  11. hi nothing much HP-wise bur great throttle response can work the red-line alot more easily& quicker but not good on STD motor
  12. hi have posted previously to this post now got them set-up @ least working that i can drive it airbox fitted
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