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  1. Japshow 2012**PLEASE READ**

    Is anyone convoying down from j27 for this?
  2. either single or as a pair, let me know what you have thankyou
  3. passenger side wind deflectors for glanza

    either single or as a pair, let me know what you have thankyou
  4. PaulStarletSR - an amazing seller!!

    Bloody hell I never looked properly mate, I was opening it Ian frenzy lol what did ya put?
  5. Nottingham Meet, Unicorn Inn 3rd June 2012

    1) Liam_D 2) Starlet-Matt 3) Matt Richmond + Missus
  6. Sounds good pal what time of the month is it?
  7. Helmet & Sizing

    My missus has never complained about the size of my purple helmet
  8. Starlet Day/Rolling road at Dynodaze?

    same mate, how much and when? mat
  9. was just wondering if anyone had or was thinking of setting one up again, enjoyed the last one and if the weather improves the more the better! mat
  10. Japshow 2012**PLEASE READ**

    2 Matt Richmond
  11. if onyl the world was full of sellers like this chap it would be perfect! ace seller, ace communications and even chipped in for postage when it turned out to be more than what was expected, sir - i owe you some beers at JF2!! thanks again dude!!
  12. *Official* *Japfest 2012 After Thread*

    Hi guys, was fantastic to see everyone again great show. If thanks to all who organised it! Burnt to a sodding crisp now am a bit sore! Had a wicked to,e and can't wait for jf2!! So tired after that drive,,, once again great meeting / seeing everyone big love Booooooo!! mat
  13. *Official* *Japfest 2012 After Thread*

    Theres only one thing I can say right now n that's bbbbbaaaaarrrrrggghhhhh!!!!! Nice t meet u guys xxx over n out,,,,,,, kelly xx
  14. Spec sheet help/favour please!

    Hi John can you save one for me please mate, been running around like a blue arse fly :s forgot about it but we don't have a printer here anyhows
  15. FAO Anyone good with a camera..

    Adam is the best guy I can think of on here pal, does some top work!