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  1. Bump! Need this gone now, will listen to sensible offers
  2. Cheers guys! If you don't follow me on Facebook or Instagram then please do, most of the Evo updates will be happening on there
  3. Cheers chaps! got the Evo on the road today and it's awesome
  4. Year: 1996 Model: EP91 Toyota Starlet Glanza V Turbo. MOT: MOT'd til November 15th 2015 so a total of four months remaining. Mileage: 134344KMS Description: For sale is my white 1996 Toyota Starlet Glanza V (EP91) which has covered 134344Kms (83k miles'ish). The speedo has been converted to MPH however the odometer still reads in Kilometres. It has 4 months MOT which is valid until the 15th November 2015. I have all the old UK MOT certificates since i have owned the car and it has never failed a MOT. And i cant think of any reasons why it would fail the next one! I purchased the car on
  5. Let me know if you need a hand regarding a turbo dude
  6. I'll be there! Got a lot of friends competing!
  7. Mine could be up for sale very shortly
  8. Absolutely gutted for Jay, happy to hear that he's okay it was some impact!
  9. Which part do you need mate, I may have something lying around at work. We are in Nottingham
  10. Hi mate we are having a new website built at the minute so our email thing isn't working! Feel free to Pm me or give me a call on 01159752458 and ask for Liam
  11. Keep me posted on what happens with the turbo mate!
  12. Waited so long for a genuine Cruise Bonnet to come up for sale and now there's one your miles away from Nottingham
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