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  1. Pile o bits and ecu gone, ioneer headunit, front speakers, cd changer, glanza brackets and single din blank still available
  2. As above, anyone want some free bits before they get skipped... I'm lazy and still haven't been to the tip!
  3. Item For Sale: Genuine OMP Corsica wheel, 350mm in leather with genuine OMP boss and horn button Item Condition & Description: I had this wheel in my old Glanza and kept it with the intention of putting in my next track toy but the new toy doesn't need a dished wheel (MX5). It's a lovely wheel and a genuine one! It's in very good condition, being leather it doesn't wear badly like the suede, it has a slight imprint in the leather where I had a switch for a Greddy profec E-01 attached but this will likely come out with a bit of rubbing! It comes with a starlet specific hub and the horn b
  4. No worries, thought that might be the case.
  5. I've got a zisco mild steel one going cheap if you were interested?
  6. Engine damper sold. Just re-added the zisco ewg manifold - £120 posted due to a small crack needing welded
  7. I still have these bits taking up space, I'll pretty much take any offers as it will be skipped soon...
  8. About fecking time eh! Patient buyer too, a lot of others would've been screaming and moaning!
  9. The fake sabelt ones can be bought for a tenner from China-must be high quality materials used! the video says it's a "sparco" one on test.
  10. It's always been said to avoid fake products like the bride seats and takata harnesses and here is the proof: http://newsroom.carmarthenshire.gov.uk/news-archive/2015/10/dangerous-fake-motor-racing-harnesses-uncovered/#.Vid6TnldHcv Good luck to anyone who buys them!
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