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  1. Hello,

    I have a starlet and I'm looking for some complicated things in my country. They told me to talk to you, because you would be the best person to help me. I'm looking for the front bumper of the ep71 or front splitter and also the spoiler but not the original one Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience. With best regards zYek

  2. It's been quite some time since I've updated this thread as I don't have the time to be on the forums as much anymore. I picked up a few more nice parts for the car and sent it off to a specialist who builds rally cars, to get the wiring etc finished and ready for it's first start up. I picked up this Zisco high flow polished fuel rail which was a nice bonus... This was fitted along with some new braided lines etc. At this stage we also got talking about injector choice... My 1000cc RC Evo injectors were complete overkill for the power I wanted... so I opted for 560cc Evo injectors instead. Along with these an Evo resistor box was also wired in to the loom as it is needed to prevent shorting out the HKS V Pro Gold ECU. The last few odds and ends were tidied up in preparation for its first ever start up! Then the day came... The moment of truth. We primed the cams, primed the turbo and got good oil pressure, everything was checked and double checked and a wideband fitted... Then the key turned and she roared into life for the first time! I was over the moon and couldn't stop smiling from ear to ear! Finally the dream was a reality! The car sounded absolutely brilliant with the 3" side exit exhaust and big cams! Finally the wait was over and it made all the hard work seem worthwhile! Here's a couple of quick videos... http://vid206.photobucket.com/albums/bb31/conor05_/Mobile%20Uploads/trim.097431FD-031D-448C-97B0-9911B569B748_zpscnmfm1nv.mp4 http://i206.photobucket.com/albums/bb31/conor05_/Mobile%20Uploads/th_trim.FFB4272C-5193-4616-92E3-744B56D7A668_zps3mk1eawi.mp4 I initially said I would have no dash in the car and mount everything on the crash bar but I decided a dash top would be a lot neater and much simpler for mounting the clocks and gauges etc. I am going to cut off a dash top and mount it in the car. This has still to be done then we can begin wiring in the Defi boost gauge, Defi oil pressure gauge, AEM Wideband, Apexi AVCR etc... This is her as she currently sits... More updates very soon!
  3. Browner

    contacting browner

    Oh yeah I sold the two 5 door ep71's last year... Still have the 3 door one
  4. Cheers pal Lots more work done to it since. I must update this thread soon...
  5. Browner

    contacting browner

    I'm still alive lads I'm hardly ever on UKSO anymore but still heavily involved in the car scene in a big way. No the ep71 is still sitting pretty in the shed daniel_g I don't think I'd ever sell that car! I took a complete break from cars after Christmas 2015 I was just totally worn out and the health was suffering. I'm concentrating more on getting my own cars finished now and am busy fishing and running my Christmas business etc. If anyone is looking for parts or needs to contact me it's best to message me on my personal Facebook page as that goes straight through to my phone so I am on that all the time. We will be over for Japfest UK for a catch up... Browner
  6. Browner

    Stereo brackets

    Had a look mate I only have Glanza ones which are different. Regards, Conor.
  7. Browner

    Stereo brackets

    I have some here mate. PM me
  8. Browner

    JAE AWARDS 2015

    Is there an award for Ireland's Drunkest Man? lol
  9. Browner

    slam panel to lower panel brace

    No problem mate cheers
  10. Browner

    Bottom armrest bracket wanted

    I have one here Aidan
  11. Browner

    slam panel to lower panel brace

    Have one here if you still need it
  12. EP91 Recaro Fishnet Interior - SOLD Apexi Air Filter Relocation Kit - SOLD
  13. 98/99 Spec JAM Front Splitter - SOLD Blitz Turbo Timer & Harness - SOLD Apexi AFR Neo - SOLD Cusco Adjustable Panhard Rod - SOLD Forge Dumpvalve - SOLD
  14. Zisco Custom Made 3" Exhaust - SOLD WEPR Ram Horn Turbo Kit - SOLD Bump on remaining parts! Anything not listed as sold is still available.
  15. The turbo timer is simple to fit mate it comes with a plug in harness so it simply plugs into the back of the ignition and away you go. Regards, Conor.