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  1. kidV

    3rd time lucky!?

    Long time no see... so, I’m thinking of starting my 3rd build in the new year. obviously I’ve been awol for a considerable amount of time but have recently been getting kicks of nostalgia.. along with starting a new job in the coming weeks and hopefully having some more expendable monies, this is tracking me back to the starlet scene.. Progress will be steady i’d Imagine but that I don’t mind. ill continue to have a poke around the forum but just wondering what’s new!? What’s the new new, the happy haps.. anything I should be on the look out for!? #1 Frankie #2 Starla
  2. thanks everyone for the support etc... will hopefully have another cram packed update very soon, there have been some major changes and work being done, in the last few weeks especially.. I greatly appreciate the patience guys. xo
  3. well, she's a boosted n/a running a tf035 on a custom RWDevelopments kit... and loads of little bits I need to update my thread with... ;) will have to have a mini meet sometime, get matt n steve out too...
  4. update is indeed very much in need... I'm on it! ;)
  5. that'll be me dude... ain't no glanza though, she's rarer than that... ;)
  6. kidV

    My First V :)

    nice, clean and local. looks good man, laguna splitter too I spy... welcome to the fam!
  7. mystery solved matty! ;) no one enjoys gainsborough... ha
  8. RIIIGGGHHHHHHHT!! long time coming this.. don't really know where to begin so i'll start by saying massive thank yous to all involved to date. especially Lord Socks and Dean & family @ RW Developments... So, getting down to it, after the little bits like destripping the sides, badges etc parts started to be accumulated in no particular order... first up, had to get the old girl sitting prettier... so, with a little bit of JDM import love, these helped; which resulted in this... after that, the interior got a little treat in the form of these... yup, that's interior plastics from a glanza, complete with flair... i'd also like to point out the iconic car they're from is no longer with us, hence me having them... big thanks to si for them though, she lives on! Along came this shortly after to keep the immense power in check... ;) Shit started to get technical after that... sneaky sneaky... So then she was at this stage... From then, a few more things were gathered and stashed with Mr Socks... Notice the wing... ;) Then... bahbah's awakening... shit got real, real fast... Then the crazy late night antics with Jedi master Dean took a hold of the situation... hmmm... somethings still missing... now I remember what it is... ;) and the teaser... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bSVK9iAFV3o&feature=youtube_gdata_player So, that's about where its at for now... there is obviously more on the cards and it looks different again right at this moment but i'll give you some time to process all of that first... ;) I will however leave you with some tasters of whats to come... consider this a cliff hanger for now... but, i'll be back... ;)
  9. so, here's a little cock tease of an impending and long overdue update... can you tell what it is yet...
  10. T minus 4 days and counting... Hopefully be well worth the wait Paul... Been very busy..
  11. Okay, so this thread has been some what dormant for quite a while. The reason... Will be well worth it.. ;) Update on a grand scale is coming your way and im pretty sure non of you will see it coming... Pioneering stuff in T minus 5 days and counting...
  12. kidV

    kidV's project sportiV...

    Nostalgic bump...
  13. Updaaaaate bitch... Then I might update mine too... ;)
  14. kidV


    Looks super clean! 98 spec glanza lights too and pretty sure the handles are an optional... Nice find!
  15. so, the postman has been again... first my HID's... and this... i'll leave it to your imaginations... more to come... m.