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  1. New member in Poland

    Welcome, where in Poland are you from?
  2. New Member EP71 Turbo

    Looks nice, welcome.
  3. Hi everybody !

    Welcome Damien
  4. Standard hub bolts

    I should have enough to do all 4 corners I'll go check I'm in paignton Devon

    I have one in paignton Devon.
  6. Tial Vband external wastegate & 0.8 & 1.1 bar springs

    I have some spare springs here
  7. Td04 braided oil & water lines

  8. Wanted genuine livesports front bumper

    I'll sell you mine if you want it that bad, one million pounds bargin
  9. New booty

    I had a stick throttle in mine when it didn't get used much went back to normal after a few good hard drives
  10. Td04 and water and oil lines

    I have td oil and water lines for sale from my wepr td04 kit £50 pm me if interested
  11. Lightweight pulleys,lightweight flywheel, cambelt cover

    I've got a lightweight fidanza one here bud
  12. Bhp fuel fest westpoint area exeter

    Fuck me why do I bother ha
  13. Bhp fuel fest westpoint area exeter

    On tomorrow (the 18th) I'll be there anyone else going?
  14. Wanted standard ep91 ecu

    Got one here in Devon can post or meet at a show pm me if interested
  15. Paid. session E 10.20 slot booked