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  1. Bump. Still taking offers on the lot!
  2. Got polished race spec cover bud but no lines. Pm me
  3. Bump for last parts! Taking offers on everything! Offers means make an offer. I'd prefer that you made a fair offer and stopped asking "What's your best price"
  4. Nah mate only the parts left. Both shells are gone.
  5. Injectors Wanted.

    Have 550cc RC injectors for sale in my breaking thread. Just been cleaned and tested too.
  6. Afraid not mate Bump up for Turbo kit! Both shells now sold! Taking offers on all parts!
  7. With the shell mate. Not splitting everything. Don't have the time. Taking reasonable offers on everything thats left still!
  8. Glanza wanted

    Have a nice shell for sale in breakers section ;) and another donor car with engine if either is of use?
  9. Ecu

    Also have an emanage ultimate avaliable in my Parts for sale thread bud.
  10. JordK

    Glad everyone is happy! Pleasure dealing with you all
  11. JordK

    Your welcome mate. Pleasure doing business!
  12. Bump Shell needs to go! Will take offers on all parts!!!!
  13. Cheap Glanza/starlet Turbo project

    Pm'd bud
  14. Bump for price update. Can't believe I still have this shell and turbo kit!!!