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  1. same event, VR ROOF VIEW
  2. 4th event 4K virtual reality video
  3. azerty

    [rally] azerty's luv story

    Some pictures of 2018 championship 4th event Videos can be seen here : 2018 championship videos
  4. Thanks ;) Here is the latest 4K virtual reality video from 3rd event of championship by the way, if an admin could remove the "event #1" in the title as I decided to publish all season in same thread. Thanks
  5. Edited footage version https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NKLVc0v27aI
  6. Event #2 Virtual reality video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m1P6YcnzLNE
  7. Hahaha, that's an other dimension indeed. what about this edited version (not VR) :
  8. Hello, got a Gopro Fusion from our sponsor few days ago. Here is our very first 360° VR at 2018 Slalom Championship Event #1 this last saturday. (first stage) Tip, enable 4K for better experience
  9. azerty

    [rally] azerty's luv story

    New 2018 robe
  10. azerty

    [rally] azerty's luv story

    2017 Mauritius National Slalom Championship Results. Group 3 winner :)
  11. azerty

    [rally] azerty's luv story

    4th and last slalom event Rain & night event. 3rd group 3
  12. azerty

    [rally] azerty's luv story

    I didn't post second half of the season in here. So here is its 3rd Slalom event group 3 winner
  13. azerty

    [rally] azerty's luv story

    Duel slalom race Group 3 winner (5 races won out of 5) >https://vimeo.com/226544080
  14. azerty

    Mini/Micro Starlets

    It is a pretty easy one to do in Photoshop. - just copy original layer. - squeeze it. - cut wheels and arches stripe around it from original layer. (include wheel shadow) - place original wheels and arches on the squeezed layer. Job done