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  1. Rock-Kick-Ass

    rare sard sports cat

    .......................................................................... sard sports cat WAS £500 NOW £350 FREE SHIPPING
  2. Rock-Kick-Ass

    toms accessories

    stickers and key chains key chains white €25 FREE SHIPPING key chain black €20 FREE SHIPPING 40th ani sticker €18 FREE SHIPPING pair other stickers €22 FREE SHIPPING
  3. Rock-Kick-Ass

    Glanza and GT Brochures,Mags

    FREE SHIPPING TO UK AND IRELAND 1996 Glanza brochure was €50 now €35 Glanza Mag was €60 now €45 blue starlet manual was €55 now €40 gt starlet mag was €60 now €45
  4. Rock-Kick-Ass

    Optional extras

    multibox SOLD no smoke ash tray SOLD rescue man was €120 now €90 + shipping rare clean box for ep91 was €250 now €200 + shipping
  5. Rock-Kick-Ass

    Membership renewal

    just paid
  6. Rock-Kick-Ass

    Membership renewal

  7. Rock-Kick-Ass

    Membership renewal

    done for him but not me
  8. Rock-Kick-Ass

    club membership THANG!

    yup i sure do
  9. Rock-Kick-Ass

    club membership THANG!

    keep getting this You are only allowed to purchase one of this product, and you have already done so.
  10. Rock-Kick-Ass

    club membership THANG!

    just went to pay for it in that invoice ya sent and it wont let me.. the page you are trying to access is not available for your account.
  11. Rock-Kick-Ass

    club membership THANG!

    i must have misread that then , my bad
  12. Rock-Kick-Ass

    club membership THANG!

    CHIRST ON A STICK! now i cant purchase at the store , but i got invoice to pay for it again that's cool, whats not cool is i don't get a year out of it.. it will expire on the day i first bought it many moons ago.. this is not fair.. please for the love of god, can ya somehow make it work were i get the year out of it thanks, i don't want to start a new account with new email just so i can get the extra 6 months of membership..
  13. Rock-Kick-Ass

    Why cant i edit my sales ad?

    that kinda sucks, so i have to pay membership, to put the parts as sold..
  14. Rock-Kick-Ass

    Why cant i edit my sales ad?

    as stated above.. cant even reply to say it items sold or anything
  15. Rock-Kick-Ass

    Forged 15" wheels

    pm sent