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The official track day thread

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Well handled at 12:50.

Looked a bit understeery towards the end. What tyres were u on?

20-25min sessions are not long enough really to get to know a track.

Up at Blyton, took me and a few mates half a day last month and 5-6 sessions to really get to know it. Then we were nailing it consistently in the afternoon!

Looking good tho dude!

Cheers mate. It has Toyo T1R, 195/45/15. Road going pressures so I think they probably went a bit high. The wheels got so hot that the centre caps melted and fell out lol.

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Its a bit late notice but I am going to Brands Hatch Indy Circuit on the 28th August its a bit of a risk as have no tow vehicle and the car is still in build stage but but as much as anything its a test of the car (and me).  Link below.


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