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  1. Thanks morgey. It’s definitely a huge improvement and it has built in heating. Probably the main reason we took it on if I’m honest! No more cold hands holding even colder spanners
  2. Thanks guys! Hopefully all goes smoothly. We do have completely unrestricted noise away this place which means we can run proper dyno evenings again! So keep an eye out for those too
  3. Afternoon Its dead quiet in the south east section on here! We've moved into a new workshop and we're having a huge open day on the 9th Feb and I'd love to see some starlets turning up. I've only got about 5 in at the minute so I'm feeling a bit low on starlet numbers. We're going to have a few brands we work with turning up to display and hopefully chat discounts too. We're also running a best car of the day competition and launching a massive discount range of our own on almost everything we do to celebrate. Have a look at the lingfield motor company section on here
  4. Afternoon all We've been massively quiet on here and all social media for the last month or so while we've moved into our new premises. Firstly its massive compared to the old place, and we now have our own in house dyno, as well as a proper area for fab work rather than it being in a completely different building etc. Anyway we're having a big open day on the 9th Feb and would love to see a few of you guys down to join us. A few of the brands we supply and work with are coming down as well so it should be a decent day as long as the weather holds up! To celebrate moving up
  5. Cheers nick, glad to be back on here after a few years out of starlets.
  6. The fiesta looks sporty! And an FD you say?
  7. Bringing back a dead thread here I know but ed at fusion is great. I am also a dealer of the ME range. Did you get it sorted and tuned in the end? I've tuned a few now and I'm very happy with them but some real world reviews wouldn't hurt!
  8. Afternoon ladies and gents I just wanted to write a quick introduction as to who I am. I've been building starlets for the last decade or so, owning 8 myself. I've had plenty of breaks from starlets but I always seem to be drawn back and I think its time I gave something back to the community. Which leads me to the reason behind this post. Finally after many years working for other people I've started up on my own doing what I love doing, which is building sporty cars. We cover anything and everything but specialise in Jap imports, usually Toyota powered. In the year I've been open
  9. jake44

    Ep91 bonnet

    I'm in desperate need of a glanza bonnet! Closer to Kent the better so I can collect! colour isn't important but I'd prefer it to be decent ish condition! Cheers
  10. I never understood clutch stages always just gone on the power rating! Just someone who I was speaking to a while back said get a stage 2/3 and as I haven't owned a starlet for a few years just thought I'd title it that. Messaged mattyd again about his anyway so hopefully sorted
  11. Definitely sent, not yet read though
  12. After a clutch that will handle 230 hp. Doesn't have to be brand new just needs to survive daily use for a couple of months till my car comes off the road. South London would be spectacular but I can get a courier to pick up of needed! Thanks
  13. a green glanza joined the m25 and got in front of me, I was in my white one. Exchanged nods! It looked clean though
  14. So this turbo came as a spare when I bought my car but I'm not sure what turbo it is!
  15. I didn't know Snetterton still did the Wednesdays. I might have to come over. So many have disappeared since I had my first one a few years back.
  16. Clay bars or clay cloths are awesome. If your car is heavily covered in tar if recommend using tar remover first as the clay can still drag the tar and scratch the car! And no one wants that
  17. Title says it all really, I've had a few starlets but this is the first with an lsd and the clutch is going. Are the lsd and non lsd clutches the same? I only need to find a replacement for a couple of months before it comes off the road for a while so only need to replace it for 2 months tops which is annoying! More to the point if anyone's got a second hand one with reasonable life left that will take 230hp let me know! Cheers
  18. So I've finally got another glanza and I have seen zero lately. A couple of years ago I met a few guys in Yarmouth but have hardly seen a starlet since! Anybody still go to the Yarmouth gatherings or anything?
  19. I want 4...but everyone on eBay makes silly offers, they'll think they've got me down loads, whereas I get what I'm really asking
  20. I don't actually want that much for it! I just know what eBay dicks are like offering a grand less then asking! She's gonna be very missed!! Been meaning to put it up on here but not had a chance yet
  21. Sorry I didn't get there guys! Had issues with the car the night before! How typical hey
  22. I'll be there when gates open Sunday! So I'll come park with you lot!
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