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    One of the biggest things I will never understand and this is only aimed at the extremists as phil pointed out u can't tar everyone with the same brush as not everyone is the same but if you hate the country u live in so much then why live here
  2. pick1


    I'm afraid this will never go away if u look back through the history books most wars stem back to sum form of religion some of the worst things that have been done to people have been done in the name of a religion which I will Never understand as in the bible it says thy shall not kill lol can't speak for other religions , extremists will always be around I'm afraid as people beliefs and views will always be around ultimately regardless of religion where u live you should obey the law of the land as u have chosen to be there so should follow the laws that are there be respectful and mindful of others beliefs but do not force your beliefs on others peace is not something out of reach but seems to be something that many religions are not interested in as they all strongly believe that there is the right path to choose and we should all follow or be damned it's those kind of views that keep the killing going
  3. When I had my rear bumper etc done I sent my fuel cap off so the paint was mixed to match that best thing to remember is also that your car is the paint code it says it is but it is no longer brand new so without gettin a decent paint match there will always be variations in colour I think there are a few shades of 040 available aswel just add more of a ball ache into the equation
  4. As most if u guys know now MFN have the monthly meet first Sunday of every month and they have gone from strength to strength last couple have seen numbers up to the 1600 mark of cars of all makes n models n some real tidy examples turning up hope to see more starlets down there in the future
  5. It's coming on really well we had 1400+ cars on our last event they were Parkin on the lanes and walking down in the end
  6. I'm the same as this
  7. Lovely lovely car a lot of effort has been put into it and it shows
  8. Welcome to the site . U will find many top motors on here with people having vast experience with them my opinion is save up a good amount and buy a well looked after one these cars can run forever if treated right but remember these cars aren't new and all have teething problems somewhere down the line but are generally easy to work on. Enjoy scouting round the site
  9. Sure I saw in paper they are now hitting him with a law suite to cover the costs for the teams as the race was canceled £104,000 is what there after as each team chucked 4k in for the race
  10. This is still just awsome in my opinion lol
  11. They are fast mate but very very smooth power delivery and it's not till u look at the clocks u realise how fast your going very comfortable and very nippy through corners they are well set up for handling as standard and the four pots do a great job of breaking
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