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  1. Turbo grants no longer working for anyone apart from himself I've got a good mate who can turn a blind eye to a decat pipe I'm Andover Hampshire though
  2. I've got some white 14 inch light weight wheels 2 with tyres 2 without
  3. I paid out 900 all mods declared with green light I'm 22 now 23 as of today lol but that's only 1 years no claims fair play on fresh import it's always good to be first owner
  4. Whilst I had the beam out decided to paint it and fit my rear hel braided brake lines enjoy working on it that's for sure everything's pretty basic once you think like a jap :L
  5. So today I decided to get my hands dirty and fit my rear beam poly bushes not to bad of a job main pain in the ass was burning the oldies out but here's some photos
  6. Had the misses fitting some new brake pads (go on love get your hands dirty) Also freaked my mates out with clocks that read kmh Jdm meet up the workshop Cruising to ace cafe and things with some good mates
  7. Not updated for awhile fitted a genuine sard fuel pressure regulator a week or so ago from rhd Japan very pleased and saved money from the prices in the UK also fitted that with some aero quip fittings and braided stainless hose photos to come I've also put on my meister r coil overs and had abit of a set up think I've got a little too much toe out though :/ also cover still needs setting up Fitted new tyres and wheels which I picked up from turbo grant happy now it's sat on 15 inch wheels
  8. My dashboard is flocked photos are on my progress blog red ep91 it can be done with air bags and things yes wrapping I'm not to sure on flock would be best bet
  9. Welcome to ukso get a progress blog would love too see a build thread
  10. I've got standard seats I've cut the feet of one to put a bucket seat in to hold me in better but that's only temporary I have a set but then ide need a replacement for that do you need rails as well
  11. Woooooooo red Glanza friend 😀 looks good mate
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