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  1. But you are charmander, you cannot throw pokeballs. If only someone was going as Ash ketchum.....
  2. I have the power, I do what I want
  3. Just added stnad pass I have just ordered for KP as he is struggling to get on here. He has ordered ticket directly
  4. Right, bought a stand pass and updated the list
  5. Hou

    JAE awards

    No Trisk, its Best starlet 1st 2nd 3rd, other car and admin choice (which last year was for being a whiney little bitch)
  6. I have two costumes, but keeping it quiet!
  7. Just need something we can do in a massive pot with minimal fucking about, chilli is easy, as is chicken curry. Both with rice. Or just buy some catering sized tins of stuff to warm, got costco card and live next door to a Makro if you want me to go look
  8. As long as they are hidden away before drinking happens
  9. Outfit bought and jelly shot pots ordered. Just need to reinforce the pink drinking hat
  10. Genuinely shocked at the low numbers, what is going on?!?
  11. One shot of beer, on the minute, every minute, for 100 minutes! Sounds easy doesn't it........ until you do the math
  12. Anyone got a large digital stopclock and fancy doing the centurion challenge?
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