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  1. Yeah thats an oem amp found under the drivers seat all right.
  2. shadow

    Varis panels

    Can all still be bought off of Varis.. http://www.varis.co.jp/varis/bodykit/toyota/starlet/starlet.html
  3. How'd he manage to get the automatic ecu mapped. Piggyback most likely? Didn't think there was many people able to do that.
  4. Very good lad to deal with, Items around quilckly and were well packaged!
  5. The bootlid wouldn't be to my taste's but the rest of the car is coming on nicely! Good work bro!
  6. The Starlet specific ones can't be got as all the optional extras were discontinued a couple of years after production ceased.
  7. Looking good man, good base to start with! What are the plans?
  8. They can be got I think but they are about €500
  9. It is top quality! His best work by far! Favorite song is No Miracles or Main Chick both bossin tunes!
  10. I'm a big fan of him. Been listening to him just over a year now! Him self and Machine Gun Kelly and the best young rappers around at the minute!
  11. It ain't mine. Found it on a Japanese forum.
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