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  1. Also you could get yours refurbished. Anyway good luck in your search
  2. Have it done on my daily ep80 and worked a treat
  3. 1e starlets 90-93 are the same. I have a 5e-fhe with this type alternator attached. You can cut the wire and solder an oval connection on also
  4. Thanks Phil. Looking for gearbox preferably with diff installed. Will keep you in mind though
  5. 97-98 Corolla e11 are the same only you have to wire ep82 plug onto them.
  6. Wanted ASAP, Cusco kazz etc... Thanks
  7. Hi would you do 35 delivered and I will take it. Thank you
  8. Get ep91 wishbones as they are much lighter.
  9. 98 corollas also just put your plug onto new motor
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