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  1. Still go the engine mate as I'm local so could pick up
  2. I had a look on there but site said no items in category or something! I'll buy it later today cheer mate
  3. Cash waiting, last piece of the rebuild puzzle but can't seem to find one
  4. JTStarlet92

    Cheap 4efte

    Looking for an engine for my new project. Will be rebuilt before fitting anyway so doesn't have to run, cash waiting for right deal.
  5. Hi guys, I'm looking for a 4e engine to try out a little project, as the title suggests, I'd like to get one for as cheap as is physically possible! it doesn't have to run, hence scrap! All I'm really needing is the block, head, rocker cover and crank/pistons if possible too Thankyaa!
  6. Those lights are a bargain! I paid £160 to import mine and one of the lenses is cracked Those lights are a bargain! I paid £160 to import mine and one of the lenses is cracked
  7. Yeah, I'm not missing out on this! Haha missed it last year
  8. I'll see what cash is like, means you don't have to spend as much on fuel too ;)
  9. I'll jump in with you Daniel if you need some company? Haha
  10. I'm worried.. how do you find yourself on possession of a random wing mirror and door handle haha
  11. Anyone who comes to a meet can have some free stuff from me..
  12. On second thought, probably best we don't have a meet.. might end up in the first official UKSO A&E meet fs! You're all bickering about shit thats totally pointless! Daniel pm coming your way :*
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