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  1. Got a completely bare mk2 ep82 shell for free if you come and collect
  2. No offense to admin but I posted this last year and now two other people have been done over by him!!
  3. Got full set here in mounts
  4. fremyjay

    Ep91 carpet.

    Barnstaple mate, I will get a photo
  5. fremyjay

    Ep91 carpet.

    Hard to find!! I have one with small hole in drivers side and not far from you
  6. https://www.gumtree.com/p/toyota/mk2-starlet-gt-rolling-shell/1162158505
  7. https://www.gumtree.com/p/toyota/mk2-starlet-gt-rolling-shell/1162158505
  8. 100% tc tuning as I've got one here
  9. Plus I constantly kept I contact with you throughout to let you know I was having issues getting someone to collect it!! Plus I even put a thread asking which outlined everything!!! http://www.ukstarletowners.com/topic/96423-hayes2014/
  10. Talk shit you little prick!! I had told you I had issues finding a courier to pick it up from ireland which you said was fine, couldn't find one as they all said no!! Finally sorted one you said no as you were working then you started ignoring my messages!! You NEVER tried to refund me as it's a little click and all done and I would have my cash!! Instead you ignored all my fucking messages!! 6 month later still no reply and no money!! Your lucky I don't live in Ireland as I would have come and got it and slapped some fucking respect into you you scrawny little twat!! You have been online sinc
  11. Thing is mate I gave up knew I had lost the money and he hadn't been online!! But to show his face again and too sell and still not even a word to me!!
  12. As this guy is now back and selling parts!! I thought this needs bumping as he never got back to me and still has my lonely! !
  13. What happened to my bonnet you rip off cunt!!! Took my money and ignored me! !!!!!!!!!!
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