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Matt1878's Nissan Silvia S14 - Updates 19/9/16

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This should have been done a long time ago really however I've been extremely busy with uni and buying my first house that the car has taken a little bit of a back seat.

So, I sold my R32 skyline sadly to get some money back to help towards the purchase of the house. I was not ready to 'grow up' as many people were suggesting and was on the lookout for something else RWD that I could have some fun in. After months of looking, I finally found what I was looking for and here it is.

An S14 that is not rusty!!

The car was originally white and has been black and now purple... Paint is in no way near show condition but that wasn't really a concern of mine as another reason for selling the R32 was that it was far too clean for me to take to any drift days and track sessions. I would have hated myself if i ran out of talent and stuck the back end into a wall!!

The old and the new...



When I bought the car, the front bumper was non existent, exhaust system wasn't in good condition and japspeed/daiyama coilovers had seen better days. Got all that sorted and the spec of the car as it sits now is as follows...

1996 Import Nissan Silvia
Mileage 147,000Km

Stock SR20DET
S15 Turbo
Stock Gearbox
Mines ECU
Kaaz 2 Way LSD
HKS Mushroom Air Filter
Blitz Nur Spec Exhaust
Alloy Radiator
Walbro Fuel Pump
Greddy Turbo Timer
Paddle Clutch
Engine Torque Damper
Pidgeon Mod
Manual Boost Controller @ 0.9bar

Tein Super Street Coilovers
Japspeed Camber Arms
R32 GTR Front Brakes
Yellow Stuff Pads
Polybushed Lower Arms
Polybushed Tension Rods

Supermade Front Bumper
Supermade Wings
Supermade Skirts
Supermade Rear Bumper
30mm Bolt on Rear Arches
Stock Bonnet cut for Universal Vents
Japspeed BGW w/ legs
Rota MXR wheels 18x10 Fronts 18x12 Rear

Evo 8 Recaro Drivers Seat
Nardi Torino Steering wheel
Apexi Boost Gauge

A few snaps from Japfest @ Silverstone earlier this year and a rolling shot too...




Thanks for looking :)

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Even though your gay for selling the skyline... this is lovely! Im loving the big wing


I agree, I wish i didn't have to sell the skyline.. I loved it. Helped me buy my first house though so it's not so bad :D The worst bit is that I know the lad I sold my R32 too... He lives 10 mins away and I see it around all the time. So now I have my old Glanza and my old R32 in the local area haha!

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Thats gotta hurt! I'd hate to see all old cars driving around 😂 owning a place is great isnt it! been in mine nearly 12months now... hence why its time for not sensible car 👍

Any major plans for this then?


Nothing at all right now if I'm honest.. It starts, it runs and I only really drive it at the weekend so.. It's purely for the fun of owning it to be fair.. Once I've been in the house I may think about things more then.

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Gone to clean the car for the first time, dare I say it, since JAPFEST 1. Terrible I know. It's been sat for a good 6 weeks not used either.

Had a problem with one of the coilovers... Let's just say it was falling to bits.

Had a pair of Tein Super Street coilovers sorted and there now on. Had to reduce the amount of camber on the front wheels (for now) due to the size of the front wheels and the size of the collars on the new coilovers were huge compared to the old ones.

Also replaced the tension rod bushes for some super pro poly ones as they were on there way out.

So now the car has a new 12 month MOT which is always a good thing.


Came to clean the car today and after a good shampoo down the paintwork is in a sorry state. Full of small contaminants and deposits that are stuck to the paint.. Need to get myself a clay bar tomorrow and a day's work on it..

Just look at how bad that is ...


On the plus side.. JAE NEXT WEEK!

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😲😲😲😲 bet they cost a pretty penny! Amazing!


They weren't cheap no! Haha.. always wanted a set.

There not brand new but not exactly old either and there pretty spotless. I don't think I have it in me to pay the £1795 new for these.. and that's not with the decent offsets either.. was for like et10 and et7 I think..

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