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How to: fit electric mirrors to an N/A

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As I have a lot of time on my hands lately I have been trying to find things to fill my time, so I got myself some electric folding Glanza mirrors and a switch


When trying to find information about how to fit them was fairly unsuccessful so with the help of Morgey I thought I would make a how to

Most of the wiring info came from Morgey so the credits go to him, massive thanks!

First up your going to need a fair bit of wire and basic wiring knowledge

Down in both kick panels on driver and passenger side you will find a lone plug that looks like this:


It will be a 5 wire plug and 3 on the passenger side, as it will be missing two wires, so you will have to feed two additional wires through the door rubber (this is a tedious job) into the door, up to the mirror plug


*Make sure the wires don't get caught up and interfere with the window runners, give yourself plenty of length to go under the runner

Then take your new 2 wires you've added and connect them to the blue and green wires on the mirror through a connector


Then you will have to make your own wiring loom that will go from the passenger side over to where the switch goes, measure out about 180cm of wire, and you will need 5 wires (I suggest using different colours or mark the ends with permanent marker so you know which wire is which)


Run the newly made wiring loom through to the drivers side


I personally re-pluged the connectors in the footwells, you could go to a scrap yard and cut out a couple connectors out of a Toyota and do the same to keep it looking as OEM as possible


You will need to add a few more wires up from the drivers side connector up to the switch as you did with the passenger side.

You will need to also add a positive power wire and a negative, negative you can just ground to the chassis (where the white/black wires are bolted to the chassis next to the connectors in the footwell/kick panel)

And you can tap the positive into the radio & cigarette lighter power wire via the fuse box which is the grey wire, as Morgey has done

Doing this will make the mirrors function while ignition is on accessory,

Or you can do what I did and wire it up to the wiper power via the fuse box (blue wire, 2 tracers)

Doing it this way will only allow the mirrors to function when ignition is on, same way as everything else on the car

You should now have something like this


*note that the blue, green and red wires on both mirrors (not the image above) should be connected together

For the purpose of the above picture, the white, orange (looks yellow) and light green are connected to both mirrors

Now I didn't have the plug that fits the switch so I had to improvise by soldering wires to the pins and adding my own plug, you may have to do the same unless you got the plug


Here is the information you will need to wire this up exactly how I did


The following is credit to Morgey


Need to disassemble your mirrors to be painted?

Get a screw driver or preferably a plastic trim removal tool and GENTLY lever it up from the bottom edge


The mirror glass should pop out and pivot up


Then you will need to undo these screws circled, the red screws are attached to the bracket, if the bracket doesn't come lose you will need to undo the green circled screws as there will be more screws underneath the motor


One the bracket is loose, you need to remove these screws, make sure your screwdriver fits well because if the screws are rusty then you will strip them, I had to drill one of them out


There's a black plastic cap that I forgot to take a picture of but it should just pop out with a bit of force as it's clipped in (pulls out and down IIRC)

Then you will need to undo this screw clamping the wires in place


Now with a pick, you will need to take the pins out to remove the plug, then feed the wires through


To remove the pins you need to open the gate on the side of the plug (looks like a capital E) which pulls out slightly, then using the pick you need to move the tabs down inside the plug under the pins while pulling the wire out

Now I will be honest, I left this too long to long to update and I deleted the rest of the pictures without thinking :fool:

But basically thats all there is too it (you should be able to figure it out anything ive missed), just make sure to take pictures of the pins before you remove them and do the reverse to put them back together

Or if anyone can PM me pictures of their plugs so I can add them to this, so we can see where the pins go back


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