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  1. Great effort, could just buy a cheap glanza loom as i did then pull the mirror wiring out and plugged it straight into my sr, took 10 mins.
  2. I got some coilover socks from tegiwa on, im amazed everytime how clean mine still are under these! 😁
  3. A day or 2 after its painted will be fine, chances are it will be fine as soon as you get it back as it will have been done at least a day before you get it back anyways 👍
  4. The jdm and uk have different horn connections from experience. The uk can be modifed to suit though.
  5. Probably buddy ;)Its going back in next week so hopefully it will last longer than a week this time
  6. I really dont know how you 300+ guys get them to last, i just ripped mine apart at 250. Just had my 3rd cyro treated so shall see how i get on 👍
  7. looks so good back on the speedlines!
  8. I wish i was but gearbox says noope
  9. Haha, This car was not as clean in person as people make out, 😂 Looking good george dont listen to anyone apart from get the speedlines back on it ;)
  10. I bought my kit from keri a few years back luckily when they were in stock and recently last month ordered discs and pads which came the next week so cannot fault Keri's service at all personally and the fantastic kit to go with it!
  11. Long shot but has anyone got one laying about before I buy new as mines given up
  12. Just after I built mine, wish it still looked like this.
  13. I sent a couple PM's to renew my membership and never got a reply either, disappointing really.
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