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EP71 turbo restoration project

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I used an N/A exhaust manifold made a flange for the 12b turbo and outlined it on the manifold. Then I cut the outline (screwed up one manifold lol) and made a tight fit of the flange. Took it at a local welding shop and he welded up the (unweldable cast iron carefully). by the way pick a nice oil free manifold from the wreckers 😆. He did short bursts of welding and let it cool of slowly. I will try to find the pictures and post them. .


Thank tou for the kind words 😀 


Here is a picture with the virgin (non turbo)grille waiting for some track time.


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Forgot the picture
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The suspension setup is koni yellows just rebuild ep8 top mounts and eibach springs .

About -1.3 camber and slight toe in ..

After the track time fenders where off to build some fender braces .. 

It felt a lot of flex and its time for some bracing. 😀




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1 hour ago, Ep71T said:

 Hasnt fallen yet :)

Time for the wastegate 😉


In all honesty welding to castings isn't a bad thing as long as its done correctly (heated before and during the welding process and allowed to cool slowly over a period of hours) it'll be fine. Quite popular with some but feared by others. The aussies love it.

Go for it.

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Happy new year all. Lets see how 2021 goes for us. 😀

So fender braces where made along with a lower tie bar and a rear strut brace.

I also added a front engine mount to keep things nice and tight.








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So after surviving covid 19 I hope this finds you all well !!

We have a Yaris Gr track pack and I had to put the wheels on the starlet to see how bonkers it looks. :)

So the cheap way out was to sandblast and powder coat my existing Turbina Renault wheels :)

I am making new rear beam bushings as we speak and the boost is up to 200kpa now :) Pink rx400 injectors do the job for now. I am only hitting 90% duty cycle at times. 





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Here are the new Bushings for the rear beam,

What a difference... Its one of those things that you must do at day#1

I found a shop that makes any kind of bushing and rubber mount and at any hardness level. It charged me 35 euro per piece.




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