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Walbro in tank fuel pump kit(s)

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Thought I'd pass this on.

Bought a Walbro 255 lph kit for the Starlet gt turbo / Glanza v and when it arrived it had the part number ITP231A. I freaked out a bit thinking it was a fake (because eBay) even though it looked very legit I decided not to risk it so I returned it for refund with the pump still wrapped.

Bought another recently and the Part number was ITP231, opened it up to check everything and the fuel pump part number is GSS250. This fuel pump is not 255lph it is 190lph. 

I contacted Glencoe Ltd (UK supplier for Walbro, their website is on the warranty sheet) regarding this and their email response is below:

"The ITP231 (GSS250) is 190LPH good for up to 350BHP, the ITP231A is the (GSS342) 255 LPH good for 500BHP. The GSS342 pump will swop with your pump in the kit."

So just be aware there are 2 different kits listed for the vehicle and the pumps are the difference. The kit I bought was listed as a 255lph but I received the 190lph version. 

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13 hours ago, jellybaby said:

thats very handy information feller thanks for sharing 

Thanks, I like to help out when I can.

1 hour ago, Sam44 said:

Yes good to know for sure. I got both of mine form demmon tweaks directly, fearful of the copies, they were advertised as walbro 255 but I didn't check the direct part numbers. Great information. I will check them as soon as I can. 

Always good to double check before install. There are 3 different types of Walbro 255lph which relate to the location of the fuel entry. Centre location, same side as exit or opposite side to exit. They have different part numbers and the choice depends on positioning in the tank and filter choice.

The starlet / glanza kit will have the correct pump orientation entry to fit the stock pump hanger, just need to check which kit you get sent and the pump numbers match the first post above.

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