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ITS ALIVE the TypeMr Gt Advance

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Engine forged by Chris Carson of Ccm Belfast 

Max speeding rods 

Wossner pistons 

Brookfab race spec rocker cover

Athena head gasket 

Taiho racing bearings 

Ivan Teigh 272 billet cams with 8.001mm of lift 

Rw developments oil catch can

rw developments  power steering tank

 Greedy oil cap

Wicked ep racing stainless Steel top mount gt28 manifold  with plumbed back in wastegate 

Wicked ep racing garrett front mount intercooler and piping 

Wicked ep racing turbo oil line kit

Tial 38 mm wastegate 

Owen developments Garrett gt2860 Turbo with Trial v-band housing 

Custom thermostat  housing 


C52 Gearbox

rebuilt with synchos  1st to 4th

quaife  atb differential  

Zep racing pillow ball gear cable bearings

Drive train 

Orc 309d silent  clutch 

Orc billet flywheel 

App direct braided clutch line 



Wicked ep racing 3" stainless Steel downpipe

Ryfab Custom 3" exhaust  with kakimoto Gt-01  back box and optional sports cat  all v-banded 



Walbro fuel pump 

Id worx braided fuel rail line 

Injector dynamics 1050xs Injectors


Wheels & tyres

Buddyclub p1's 

15x7j Et38

Wrapped in Nankang Ar1's

Full recaro  interior 

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then this ">http://SAM_0263.jpg then I got this bad boy off zisco ">http://KIF_0016-2.jpg ct9 compact stainless steel manifold ">http://20130314_161847_zpsa5d76e2a.jpgand some some zisco goodies as you can tell I like the zisco products ct9 stainlees steel decat & ct9 bradied oil line

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2013-03-07141149_zps630aa856.jpgremoved aircon system to free up space and save some weight well 13.2 kgs the pump rad pipe work and bolts weighted in at :) not everyones choce but its all but up safe href='http://s750.photobucket.com/user/mattybyrne_photos/media/2013-03-07141547_zps964793ce.jpg.html'>2013-03-07141547_zps964793ce.jpg

orignal airbox been swapped for front mount recolation kit as was adivised 2013-03-07141328_zpsda63d916.jpg

next up what it all looked like with it removed raw looking looking but when i great funds a nice new shiney zisco front intercooler fill up the empty space with the pipe work 2013-03-07141328_zpsda63d916.jpg

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