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  2. Hi there from Costa Rica

    Tidy :D
  3. Hi there from Costa Rica

    Recently painted. Got Rota 15x8 wheels, and Subaru GC8 Front Brakes adapted. Currently working in order to put everything together, but going slow, hope that in couple of months we can put it back on the Dyna
  4. Oh has it and yeah i know what you mean :(
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  6. Hi there from Costa Rica

    Hi guys, I am brand new at the forum, but I've been on the 4efte's world for around 6 years. I recently bought a EP91 96 from a friend. Had a Tercel 94/5e-t and now I am starting my new proyect with this EP.  I had to convert it due to our Country laws, we are not allow to drive RHD, and so I painted it entirely and currently working in order to put my old tercel's engine and electronic. Next post will put pics. I am going to change turbo, moving from a PT 5431 to a Garrett GTX2860R Gen I, Electronic Megasquirt 2, forged pistons and rods and cometic gasket. ARP bolds and some other toys. Last time we got 310whp, 354 hp, at 1.2 bars, but couldn't get more due to injectors, I was running 350cc, now will try with denso 850.
  7. intresting indeed 
  8. Cars been off road over a year now :'( finding it hard to put money into this as on a lowish income doesn't help too and with some debts to pay :/
  9. top secrets wide arch ep82 - project restore

    hes on here, but ill let him post up about it, not my place:)
  10. get his ars on here mccartney11     
  11. top secrets wide arch ep82 - project restore

    mate of mine owns this now;)
  12. Japfest Silverstone 2018

    All booked too 
  13. Ep91 glanza parts

    Inboxed you mate. 
  14. Japfest Silverstone 2018

    Booked my stand space track session and hotel roll on Japfest  cheers nick. 
  15. Pads and discs for Glanza

    If you want the best then I'd recommend the Ferodo DS2500s
  16. Pads and discs for Glanza

    I ended up buying standard discs but still haven’t worked out what pads I should get. Very tempted with just trying yellow stuff. Has anyone had yellow stuff with standard discs? I do have uprated lines though too x
  17. forged 5e donington park 3-12-17

    great set up that! just shows how great they corner with the standard rear beam, I aint on this much but follow me on Instagram if you have it, would like to  keep an eye out on your car,instagram    mazbrowngt
  18. 3 point brace plastics

    Drop me a pm dude
  19. Start Switch Wiring

    I got a bit chop happy with my loom when fitting a standalone ECU and have cut this red wire which is for the starter switch. Problem is I can't find where it connects to in the cabin loom. I've tried all of the wires on the blue connector next to the ECU but no luck Could be one of these wires on this plug maybe?   Any help appreciated cheers! 
  20. 3 point brace plastics

    I have the bottom section plastic here 
  21. He fel of the radar after the skunkworks fiasko it might be still in his garage we will never know I doubt he will ever draw attention to it as everybody knows he ows it
  22. Starlet vs skyline r32gtr and Audi R8

    Ah not great, I ended up at work on nights that weekend and didn't bother going. I have traction issues with getting off the line so I'll be looking for a slip diff soon to help with that before heading back up this year.
  23. Yesterday
  24. Spare bits

    I’m not surprised mate fair play was a nice colour
  25. Good crank needed

    I dont really know what to offer, dont know what its worth. 
  26. Good crank needed

  27. Yeha first post. but its 2018. Has anybody see this car after so many years ? I know it from pictures 7 years ago xD
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