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  2. My Glanza Build

    Thanks mate and will do next time I can still have to order the plates do halfords do japanese  shaped plates or do I have to order them from Somewhere does anyone know?? 
  3. My Glanza Build

    Awesome Sauce!!  Ive had my Glanza about two weeks (fourth Starlet turbo, 2nd Glanza) took her for her first decent run the other night! About an hour and a half cruise. God I forgot how unforgiving coilovers are, I wil deffo be playing with the dampening lol! We need more pics of her! On the road this time!!! safe journey from Denmark dude!
  4. GT doesnt rev past 1/4 throttle help!

    Yep, you’ll find that it’s breaking down under load.    Id replace the whole set (if the king leads worn out the rest can’t be too far behind?)    should sort your issue out 100%
  5. My Glanza Build

    Well I got great news today the DVLA have sent the V5 through and I now have a road legal R reg Starlet Glanza. Unfortunately I am in Denmark and cant drive her till I get home on Wednesday and due real life stuff I am going to be rushed off my feet for the first few days back. I am going to make the time though to get her out for at least an hour or 2 before Friday.
  6. Emanage Blue connection problems

    Glad you got that sorted nice to no aswell. 
  7. Fuel starvation when cornering

    Can't say Ive ever had that issue with the glanza mabe the tank insides are different. No harm in whipping up a swirl pot though.  Cheers nick.
  8. Does anyone else experience any fuel starvation when cornering a little hard? If my GT has 1/4 tank of fuel or less, it doesn't like to be thrown about. I went into a roundabout earlier today and had a little bit of lift off oversteer and lost all power, AFRs read off the scale lean so I know it's starvation. I just didn't expect it to starve at 1/4 tank lol. Does anyone else have this issue? Wondering if it could be due to something else or if I should consider fabricating a swirl pot.
  9. Morgey's 20v SR

    my sr is coming off road for a while now bit of tlc over the next year think ive had it 18 years now not a patch on some srs on here just a humble daily sat on 154k 
  10. Emanage Blue connection problems

    Just an update guys. I solved the issue by getting a genuine emanage serial cable (actually came with an emanage I bought for another car) and a RS-232 (serial) to USB adaptor. Plugged them together, connected to the ECU and it logged straight up on the emanage support tool.
  11. Glanza Drivers Seat Rail

    I'm in northern Ireland mate that be grand aye want me to send u pics tomorrow u only really need the feet of it then 
  12. Hey, all. I'm looking for someone to help me find a good exhaust system that has a nice sound to it, and delivers good engine efficiency. I've already located a nice G6 Corolla intake manifold, now all I need is a nice exhaust. Any help would be much appreciated. 
  13. GT doesnt rev past 1/4 throttle help!

    Just bogs out.. I found the king lead is all burnt out in the ends , could this be the problem?
  14. J.A.E 2018 stand passes

    Up we go.
  15. Glanza Drivers Seat Rail

    £20 Inc postage I'm only going to chop it up with a grinder. Where bouts are you might be able to collect 
  16. Glanza Drivers Seat Rail

    Don't even know what it be worth mate tbh make an offer 
  17. Biggie Smalls, the saga so far

    Looking good dude keep at it. Cheers nick. 
  18. Biggie Smalls, the saga so far

    Not much of an update as I've been busy working on my mini but have got most of the front suspension bits out and had to order a pry bar so I can try and get the driveshafts out so waiting on that coming.  
  19. Levin Twin Pot Conversion

      Grand that's what I was after, had to buy some other things so think I'll just stick to the levin carriers and smaller discs the now unless I find some carriers cheap.
  20. Glanza Drivers Seat Rail

    Okay mate just let me know how much posted 
  21. Wanted full stainless exhaust

    You on fb mate if so pm me got two full exhausts for sale my name is tansel aker :) 
  22. Glanza Drivers Seat Rail

    Think I may have one mate 
  23. 10-11k rpm 4e-fte

    Dam now I have ideas l
  24. UKSO stickers

    thanks again nick 
  25. Handbrake not working

    I would defo go drums for long term setup. Much more reliable setup, never had a problem with mine.
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