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  2. 2333ricky

    Anybody in ireland breaking gt starlet?

    I have a fuel tank and a NA rear axel there if interested (in Waterford)
  3. Bean

    Hammerite Waxoyl Aerosol

    Yep used loads of their stuff its great.
  4. Got my Kit on Saturday thanks again Sacha!
  5. Timmah

    Timmah's '96 Glanza V

    It's a long weekend here in NZ and I dedicated a few hours to the Starlet today to put some Seafoam through the engine and polish the headlights I love using Seafoam, creates a huge smokey mess and the engine felt a little lively after. Yeah silly love leaving the doors open, ah well! Also found my downpipe gasket is leaking.
  6. 10 days remaining till the sale ends guys. FYI...
  7. Yesterday
  8. Would love to get hold of one of these for mine!
  9. Zisco 6-Point Rear Brace £399 Posted ono. In very good condition. Will be posted via 24hr Courier. Paypal, Bank Xfer or Cash Collect
  10. Ep71T

    2e-telu turbo questions.

    I am restoring this car so as I was stripping the interior it was a good opportunity to tidy things up.
  11. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F362462387987 2 x sets for less than £20 each.
  12. William737

    Engine tapping

    Changed the idle valve earlier and hasn't changed the sound.
  13. William737

    Engine tapping

    The coolant sprayed all over the engine bay. There is coolant in the overflow bottle but none in the radiator.
  14. thomas cleeves

    Bc coilovers wanted

    Bump still looking
  15. K24_glanza

    Emanage ultimate EP91

    Emanage ultimate, EP91 Loom and 3 bar map sensor all in like new condition. £400 plus paypal fees and delivery Item location: Lee on Solent ,Hampshire
  16. maerijn

    Engine tapping

    Even better, you can simply unplug it and see if the noise goes away. But this sounds worse, I would do a compression test
  17. jayc-glanza17

    Breaking my track spec glanza

    Updated guys.. removed my lsd box yesterday so all parts are off that will be sold
  18. Calum122

    For sale section

    It says member but not club member.
  19. K24_glanza

    Engine tapping

    Idle solenoid can cause tapping noise. You could take it out and give it a clean. there is a tutorial on here or TGTT.com somewhere.
  20. K24_glanza

    For sale section

    Still says am a member. Any ideas how I fix this?
  21. LEWISep91

    full exhaust system for 5 door EP91

    Att someone with the same struggles as me rn
  22. Last week
  23. so basically i have a 5 door Toyota starlet EP91 and i was looking into doing some performance mods for it ive done the corolla intake manifold so now im looking into an exhaust system i was wondering if a exhaust for the 3 door version will fit a 5 door car and if so what recommendation do you have i dont want anything particularly loud as where i live i have already had 2 noise complaints about my motorbikes and im try to avoid getting into more trouble Thanks
  24. Calum122

    Engine tapping

    Compression test? I personally wouldn't be driving it, or starting it.
  25. William737

    Engine tapping

    Hello all, My 4efte engine In my Glanza started to make a tapping sound the other day, it has progressively for worse. Coolant and oil are fine, no loss in performance. Any advice would be much appreciated. Cheers Will VID_20181020_122033380.mp4
  26. Patches

    Hammerite Waxoyl Aerosol

    Have a look at what bilt hamber have on their site, some of their products are great for treating rust https://www.bilthamber.com/corrosion-protection-and-rust-treatments/deox-gel
  27. Hello I have the 2e-c engine on my ep70 with the automatic choke, however I think it does not work anymore, because it is difficult to start on cold mornings. How I can fix it? I know its a thermoreactive solenoid thingy that is the automatic choke thing, but I do not know the part number for this or how I could fix it Thanks
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