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  2. Sunroof deflector

    Price drop!!!! £140 posted 
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  4. Oil catch can apexi boost gauge samco hoses

  5. Temperamental non starter.

    Sounds like the ecu coolant temp sensor i had a similar problem. Does it only do it when cold or does it cold & hot ? 
  6. Few small bits done today.  Changed the timing belt and idler as it was catching the top timing cover and rubbing on the belt. Caused by putting the idler on the wrong way - stupid i know. Tightened my throttle cable as it was too long and only getting 3/4 opening. Used a bonnet spacer with a slit in it to put on the pedal side and take up the slack. Makes a huge difference and seemed to want to kill me on full throttle, i like it.  Next i pulled the plugs out to have a peek in the cylinders. I thought i could be looking at a bad HG but it was all dry and looked good. (See my other post in engines as to why)  Outer Passenger door handle was reconnected along with the speedo cable.  Made a list of all that needs doing and will be cracking on with in now. 
  7. Lots of pressure in top rad hose

    Temp gauge now working after fiddling with plugs. No bubbles from rad when running, cylinders are dry and head is torqued properly. Starting to think its normal now maybe ? 
  8. Lots of pressure in top rad hose

    Brought my car out for a quick test drive after changing a timing belt idler pulley and noticed my temp gauge wasnt moving. Brought it back anyway turned it off and felt the rad hoses. The top one was hot and had a lot of pressure in it. Felt like a balloon. So much pressure it feels as if its about to burst. The lower one is warm and has a normal amount of pressure.  Anyone know what could cause this ? Coolant is full but doesnt seem to ve overflowing into the tank
  9. Temperamental non starter.

    Hi there, My EP91 is not playing ball. She turns over fine, i have fuel going through the rail, all my leads are fine as spark tested the leads and plugs. Everything is working as it should but it just wont fire up. once she does she fires up fine a couple of times and then she doesn't want to play ball again and just turns over. any suggestions?
  10. Good afternoon.

    Good afternoon, My name is Tom and i have been the owner of my EP91 for about 4 months now. Great fun little car and easy to drive about town in. My two kids love her and call her the Scarlet starlet even though she is white and not in anyway scarlet red. Kind Regards Tom E-G
  11. gt turbo bumper brscket/carrier.

    Good to know, I do need one to be fair and was told they are nigh on impossible to get.
  12. Building the Dream

    Since then I've fitted a set of d2 coilovers and put the car pretty much as low as it can go. It's a wee bit silly but looks cool as so it's staying.  Ive also changed the tyres as the proxies tried to kill me on a few occasions. They where good in the dry though.
  13. gt turbo bumper brscket/carrier.

    Everyone needs these suddenly lol. The uk spec na bar is identical to the gt turbos, if u can find one of those in a scrap yard!
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  15. Couple of things needed

    Pm me bud 
  16. ep82 bumper carrier/bar

    Have one here 
  17. Best place to buy 4 or 6 pot brake upgrade

    Ok keep me updated :)
  18. Hi. New EP91 Owner.

      Oh yeah ditto.   This thing has had everything RCM do done to it. Including brand new Six speed box from Subaru. Anti Lag, Carbon prop shaft. Very high spec. Gorgous car.   Naturally, not as good as my GT Jokes.   Granted, insurance for all of this is somewhat...pricey.
  19. Hi. New EP91 Owner.

    Like your friend, mine was also the V6.  Sold it to a guy who travelled all the way from Poland to buy it. That car was the nearest thing to a fast bike in acceleration. Awesome.  My pal Rallied one as well, placing very high. 
  20. ep82 bumper carrier/bar

    lookin for a gt turbo bumper carrier /bar...surely somebody has one somewhere.
  21. Hi. New EP91 Owner.

    What RA did you have?   My friend has a lovely Version 6 RA.
  22. Hi. New EP91 Owner.

    Nope. They asked for the Vin Number, which is EP 91----------. So i guess they know its a Glanza.  Ive got all my vehicles insured with them, except my Gixer, which is with Bennetts.  Its not as if Im a young tearaway. Theyve insured me on previous Glanza, and Scooby RAs.  Nothing has changed since then,apart from getting older, so cant understand this quote. Jim
  23. Evening All, So i recently replaced the condenser, points and distributor cap on my EP80, however i cant figure out how big the points gap should be. i did some googling and 0.45mm cropped up a lot, anyone verify this? or at least give me some tips on getting her running again. Thank in advance!
  24. Hi. New EP91 Owner.

    I'm not trying to teach you to suck eggs, but even Go Compare, Confused told you £600! That's outrageous. It's definitely coming up on the insurance as a Glanza and not something silly?  
  25. Hi. New EP91 Owner.

    Hi Calum, To say I'm disappointed is an understatement.  74 years old, FULL NCD on my cars, FULL NCD on my Motorbikes.  Clean Licence, nothing pending.  HGV 1 & Bus Entitlement on my Licence. Done it, and seen it, and they want £600?  Pigs will fly first!  I have a few (5) Classic Minis and they are insured Comprehensive, cost £100 each. Scunnered!!  Think the wee Beastie will be looking for a new home.          Tried Greenlight, as recommended by James....bloody hell....that is a maze!  Gave up!!  Jim
  26. need help wiring emanage blue on ecu. found info only for ep82
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