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  1. manifold

    I've got a ct9 manifold you can have cheap, came on the car when i brought it so not sure of make but it looks to be in alright condition pm if interested and i will get some photos
  2. God this is tempting! but i need to get some injectors first, if you don't sell this and are happy to wait until august i will take this off your hands
  3. Oldschool HKS PFC F-con ECU wanted.

    I've got a his f-con sz if your interested?
  4. Ep70 complete restomod

    Love this build! Really taking shape!
  5. Viscous cup link

    Perfect thanks guys I've got a spare diff and cup link so might give it a go and see what it's like with the option to swap back, thanks for all the information
  6. Viscous cup link

    I'm looking to take the viscous cup link out of my 4paws, is there a straight swap from another car at all? Someone mentioned that there might be. Any information would be appreciated, thanks
  7. May need glanza rear axle

    Got a free one if you can collect been sat around for a little collection from Bristol
  8. Black ep95

    Not yet the box you found I managed to order through a proxy company and they kept it, so my friend owns an company that makes the small steam train for a living and we're going to rebuild it, I will get some photos and upload the damage but it's got two lovely holes in it and a completely rounded off cog sitting in one of them, I'm just happy it didn't ruin the clutch, flywheel or transfer box. Slow progress but I'm thinking about putting a 1.5 way diff in the front and 2 way diff in the back, just seeing what fits in the front, sorted one for the back so hopefully it won't be off the road for much longer thanks for the support though appreciate it (:
  9. Black ep95

    its all in Japanese any idea on how to change it? this could be a life saver thanks for the help
  10. Black ep95

    thanks for the info guys I'm getting the box off this weekend and will try and find a lsd box to test it found out there's a solid prop from an old Toyota can that will fit, just need to find what model. The AE86 Corolla diff will fit the rear though, straight swap which is good, not sure what to do with the front diff yet but I will let you guys know what I find
  11. Black ep95

    So I've not updated this in a while but the car was on the road twice and is now back off again after the front diff decided it no longer wanted to remain in the car and shot a hole through the gearbox, so I'm currently looking for another manual box. While I'm looking for one I'm also going to put the LSD in the back and sort out a solid prop, but for now the car is back off the road
  12. So yesterday my diff decided it no longer wanted to have half of it in the car anymore and blew a big hole in my gearbox, so I know it's a long shot as everyone with a auto 4wd also want a manual box but if someone has one there willing to sell please message me or a full car to do a shell swap again, thanks
  13. cheap sr
  14. Fair play this does look stunning
  15. EP91 Rear Axle

    I've got one for sale if you can collect you can have t whenever comes with callipers ect, you can have it cheap as it's just lying around make me an offer