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  1. how can u tell if u have a lsd or not 20180912_132433.mp4
  2. SpenceGT

    Finally Gt turbo

    yes ladd il call into yours on the way and u can head down way me sure... be a couple off weekends time, but if sooner il let you no
  3. SpenceGT

    Finally Gt turbo

    got 1 sorted from the Legend Jay in the Vogie
  4. SpenceGT

    Finally Gt turbo

    Hopefully be have a new Livesports spoiler in the next Month and then il jus need Livesports wing ordered from Fiske.. and am in need off a new Crash Bar, if any1s breaking the Gt.. New Clutch kit(only Blueprint 1 for the mean time) and fitting my RARB next week too..
  5. SpenceGT

    Apexi power FC

    Got a full Apexi power fc ecu for Sale pm me..
  6. SpenceGT

    Finally Gt turbo

    also got my Ukso stickers on that aye had forgot i had
  7. SpenceGT

    Finally Gt turbo

    *for sale* Apexi Power fc/Maf and brand new Commander ep82.. Full standalone Ecu kit... will upload picture's off this kit soon..£900 0vno jus got my Glowdials put in thanks to Skiny for the help.. il get pics off that up soon too jus need livesports spoiler and wings and shes Sorted... RARB and a new clutch kit and a rebuild off the Rear brakes too be done in the next week or so too shes coming along slowly but nicely
  8. SpenceGT

    Rear calipers - freshly rebuilt

    id take these, if there still about when its Payday these would be sweet.. nice work
  9. SpenceGT

    *Livesports spoiler wanted*

    il check the website.. and il have a look on the livesports direct sit 2 cheers
  10. SpenceGT

    *Livesports spoiler wanted*

    can u send me pictures please? wouldnt be wanting to spend more than £100 for a non Genuine livesports spoiler tho.. is Frp fibreglass
  11. SpenceGT

    *Livesports spoiler wanted*

    am not looking Carbon and what th frp like and price, am not looking to pay 300/400 on a spoiler thats not even a Genuine 1
  12. SpenceGT

    *Livesports spoiler wanted*

    livesports spoiler wanted for a Gt turbo send me pics n details etc cheers
  13. SpenceGT

    Finally Gt turbo

    http://i65.photobucket.com/albums/h221/spence2k7/20180731_131542_zpsvteclp6q.jpg canards jus arrived ☺
  14. SpenceGT

    Gt turbo Brake Calipers

    yes ladd let me no il buy a pair lol
  15. SpenceGT

    Gt turbo Brake Calipers

    am in need off a great condition set off rear Brake Calipers Asap