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  1. Finally Gt turbo

    First Upgrade purchase tonight ☺
  2. New owner of a EP91 glanza

    Nice V looks tidy... hitting Boost puts a Smile on every 1s face haha enjoy
  3. Finally Gt turbo

    Cheers ladd the aero skirts r sorted
  4. Finally Gt turbo

    Cheers ladd toms spoiler and a mid spoiler n she would be mint.. what you think
  5. Finally Gt turbo

    The last pics off her before she comes off the road for some Tlc over the Winter
  6. anyone any ideas on what kind off centre caps would go with these wee enkies
  7. Pillar pods

    Cheers man yea that wee prosport boost 1 there is nice am going to go for the same make and get an oil/Temp pressure gauges
  8. Very unlikely to find one I know but mid spoiler for a gt

    I've a Gt and would be very interested in mid spoiler 
  9. How do u change your profile/account  Name??

    1. akyakapotter

      Pm trisk he will sort you out :) Cheers nick

    2. SpenceGT

      Cheers nick

  10. Any 1 any Recommendations for which oils r good for a Forged Gt.. Thanks
  11. Finally Gt turbo

    Lol tell him il buy it back lol how's urs going ladd
  12. I've a Mk3 Quad light here..
  13. Finally Gt turbo

    Jay in portavogie, was helping me out way the whole underneath and the tank lol good fella knows what he's at... its coming along rightly ladd still some more things to do and sort.. tho will be coming off the road here when the bad weather kicks in lol ues still got the Gts
  14. Finally Gt turbo

    Yes mate il stop in way you as il be for a jet wash in Ards on the way home as she needs a bath lol
  15. Finally Gt turbo

    New lines sorted and looking fresh,Get the new Calipers sorted soon as they Arrive on friday.. few more bits n pieces to sort and then il have her home this Sunday ☺☺☺