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  1. New from ireland

    Welcome.. aye have a white Gt and am from the North Ireland 
  2. c52 / hks / safc / inivative / fmic

    Wideband whole kit mate
  3. Cheers ladd got mysel a  Standalone Apexi power fc  ecu, Which a got for a bargain and going for a wepr mani n a td hybrid td04 setup.. wideband,boost and oil pressure Gauges
  4. LOCK please

    Colin aye have this here £40 if your interested 
  5. Finally Gt turbo

    Not sure think there rx7 not sure on sizes tho lol
  6. What turbo to see me over 300hp?

    OK no problem 
  7. What turbo to see me over 300hp?

    Funny onion u still got the setup etc
  8. Facebook Addys

    Anthony Lothario Spence 
  9. Finally Gt turbo

    Bits more towards  the setup to be mapped... ☺ what else would aye need any help will be good
  10. Finally Gt turbo

    First Upgrade purchase tonight ☺
  11. New owner of a EP91 glanza

    Nice V looks tidy... hitting Boost puts a Smile on every 1s face haha enjoy
  12. Finally Gt turbo

    Cheers ladd the aero skirts r sorted
  13. Finally Gt turbo

    Cheers ladd toms spoiler and a mid spoiler n she would be mint.. what you think
  14. Finally Gt turbo

    The last pics off her before she comes off the road for some Tlc over the Winter
  15. anyone any ideas on what kind off centre caps would go with these wee enkies