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  1. Finally Gt turbo

    http://s65.photobucket.com/user/spence2k7/media/20180709_125924_zpsy8natqjo.jpg.html]   got my whiteline Ultra Racing c pillar brace fitted today 
  2. 95´ EP82.

    welcome.. Car looks Nice..
  3. new member from ireland

    Welcome to the Forum.. put up some pics or start a Build thread etc.. I also own an Ep82 and am also for Northern Ireland, r u north or south wee have lots off starlateers in both the South and North.. enjoy
  4. Finally Gt turbo

    pillar brace 
  5. Finally Gt turbo

    got my whiteline Ultra Racing c pillar brace  on now  fings r lookong good lol cant add photos tho
  6. Cleeves Gt ep82

    yea aye bought the mid spoiler.. tho id be very interested in the Livesports spoiler  1 too now lol what did u do with the whole car, en Thomas, sold on or what?
  7. My Toyota Starlet Gt Turbo

    yes ladd u can see all your pics 
  8. My Toyota Starlet Gt Turbo

    looks well ladd.. am not sure if photobucket is working or not, tho a noticed when aye was looking to put up picture's to my build thread it wouldn't let me lol
  9. Finally Gt turbo

    hope so Callum ladd... its at my sprayers atm getting stripped, painted n then moulded on  am jus needing a new spoiler(livesports) now lol and livesports wings or even a standard Drives side wing atm, as mines is rotted 
  10. Gt original Wing + Skirt/sill Brackects

    bump.. am still in need for these asap some1s bound too be breaking Gt turbo
  11. yea it was me lol as skiny says there.. aye won a 2 tone Gt on a raffle a month or 2 ago.. then raffled it on ☺
  12. Gt original Wing + Skirt/sill Brackects

    mines r bad ladd and not even salvagable lol thatsvwhy am looking some in ok condition and could refurb them
  13. am looking for a drivers side wing (colour not preferred and am in need off a set off sill Brackets money here waiting am needing these ASAP thanks
  14. Finally Gt turbo

    the Mid spoiler 
  15. Finally Gt turbo

    Starlet had a Photo shoot the other week ☺ an also recived my Original Mid spoiler too lol jus waiting in my Ultra racing c pillar brace now..