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  1. SpenceGT

    New member :)

    Nice V! Welcome!
  2. SpenceGT

    Finally Gt turbo

    Cheers ladd.. Tho she's still a bit to go until aye have her sitting the way am wanting her, etc Livesports Spoiker/wings and mayb wheen colour change etc
  3. SpenceGT

    Two tone ep82

    Yea sills where rotten, went down too Dublin, a fella Justin Power won it when aye Raffled it
  4. SpenceGT

    Hello fae Edinburgh

    Cool starlet lol welcome to the forum, not far from Edinburgh, I bought my Gt in Falkirk
  5. SpenceGT

    New ep82 owner

    Welcome along ladd, get some pics up when u can, plenty off info n parts here
  6. SpenceGT

    Finally Gt turbo

    Handlings much more controlled etc but a bit bouncing when it was only fitted and Wasn't used to it. But definitely an around Great aftermarket mod to apply ladd
  7. SpenceGT

    Finally Gt turbo

    Yes callum ladd she's coming on excellent and exactly the way am wanting her to turn out like lol jus hard getting the bits Cheers man
  8. SpenceGT

    Finally Gt turbo

    After a Wash n ready for the Garage until Next Year some time
  9. SpenceGT

    New member

    U mite have to be a paid Member or at least have posted around "50 Comments... Welcome
  10. SpenceGT

    The Icarus Project (4EFTE)

    Any new updates ladd, Mods, parts and Pictures etc
  11. SpenceGT

    Finally Gt turbo

    Yes skiny man maybe will see Jay about windows, when am up getting other bits... Few picture updates, Rarb, new clutch kit and few other wee bits n bobs... And noticed now 2 that am need a new fog light lok
  12. SpenceGT

    Finally Gt turbo

    Am looking to double din The rear lights and not sure on the bulbs size's/kind off bulbs a would need and where to get them, Halford's or any motor factor's etc
  13. SpenceGT

    Finally Gt turbo

    Best way to take Window Tints off??
  14. SpenceGT

    Finally Gt turbo

    New clutch kit fitted along with the Whiteline Rarb and a few other bits sorted.. A wee picture here before she went for a bit off tlc lol pics off Rarb n stuff fitted etc soon