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  1. Finally Gt turbo

    the Mid spoiler 
  2. Finally Gt turbo

    Starlet had a Photo shoot the other week ☺ an also recived my Original Mid spoiler too lol jus waiting in my Ultra racing c pillar brace now..
  3. Finally Gt turbo

    the rear lights r ment to be Factory Double, am not sure why its only single lights at the rears lol
  4. Mk3 Quadlight GT Turbo

    Definitely get a standalone ecu ladd will make some difference ☺
  5. Finally Gt turbo

    Looks good ladd for planning on doing exactly what u have done and eventualy will respray it all etc urs looks well way the hammerite in it ☺
  6. Two tone ep82

    Lol cheers Blaine
  7. Finally Gt turbo

    Nice ladd.. good idea urs looks like its cleaned up good n ready for a lick off paint
  8. Finally Gt turbo

    What would ues use to clean up the boot.. all the seats out.. now need to get a look underneath it
  9. Finally Gt turbo

    Good idea ladd il get another 1 tomorrow when getting the drive shaft boot lol
  10. Two tone ep82

    All the seats out 
  11. Finally Gt turbo

    Parts n goodies r starting to Arrive.. mot next week ☺ had it checked over last night and all am needing is.. *horn to be fixed. *driveshaft boot Ds. *Balljoint Ds. *Ds Tyre.
  12. Hi, new member, not yet an owner.

    Hello Dan welcome to Ukso.. am sure some1 on here has had or seen your old Gt ☺ every1 regrets selling there starlets and eventualy get an another lol or like me have a few ☺
  13. New Member from Northern Ireland

    Welcome to UKSO  Adam love hearing more starlet owners in Northern Ireland and as skiny says is true.. plus love the quadlights
  14. Mk2 Gt Interior Rears etc etc

    Am for stripping it down yes colin, jus to see if its not rusty or that etc.. then building it back together, but if i sell some bits il not be needing i will let u no off the bits/parts sure ☺
  15. Mk2 full interior, boot carpet and parcel shelf way speakers etc Full seats set £120-130 Rears £70 Fronts £70   Location Ballymena NorthernIreland Bt424an ☺