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  1. Probably a dumb question but did you check all of the plug leads? When I refitted my gearbox I was leaning over on the engine to fit the selector cables and had dislodged a plug lead into the dizzy cap which wasn't overly apparent until I stated the car and had a similar running issue.
  2. Would you sell the manifold, downpipe and screamer without the turbo or wastegate?
  3. Ok, thanks for the info. Well based on £275+£50 P&P brand new from China, VAT of 20% and 6% import duty (tariff code 7616999009) that would technically put a brand new one at a total of £403. That may put my price of £375 delivered plus fees at the optimistic end but as I've said, I'm open to sensible offers so anyone is more that welcome to suggest a price.
  4. I've got to admit I don't actually know. I bought it from a member on here a few years back but I don't recall a manufacturer being mentioned and I've not seen any makers marks on it.
  5. Would you consider splitting the manifold, downpipe and screamer?
  6. Hi mate, I have one of each from an old block I have, pm me if your still looking
  7. Hi there I have a set somewhere that I took out of my gt before I broke it, exactly which ones are you looking for?
  8. That's a fair point, the sensor I used was from my old gt but I guess there is nothing to say it has died since last using it... Time to get the multimeter out I think... Thanks
  9. Ok people, need some ssistance with an issue that's doing my head in. First some history, after failing an MOT on some rot, and then discovering a whole more I managed to find a decent shell with a standard motor which had spun a bearing, which was perfect for an engine change as mine was forged. In the end, as the standard engine had only run 20,000 miles since I rebuild, I used that head on my forged block, and all went well with the swap. The problem now however, is that I can't get it to hold at 14.7afr at idle or fast idle, with the best I can do around 13.3. The puzzle is that as the engine warms up the afr performs as expected starting rich but gradually leaning out and during this process, the afrs will actually hit around 14, but as soon as you touch and release the throttle they drop to 13.3 on idle and don't change. The car is running standard with the exception of a turbo back exhaust, induction kit and FMIC. I have checked the TPS calibration, changed the O2 and ECU coolant sensors and checked the wiring. I've also run through all vac hoses to confirm no leaks. The car does have a Walbro GM250 fuel pump fitted but having researched this it flows the same as a standard fuel pump. The slightly odder things is that, having it in diagnostic mode and altering the timing slighlty brought the afr back to the correct 14.7, however, once you come out of diagnostic mode it runs slightly richer then back to the 13.3 as soon as you blip the throttle again. This might suggest that there is a duff sensor somewhere that is not used during diagnostic mode but is during normal operation but A I'm not sure if this is how it works, and B, there are no fault codes present. I do have a couple more things that I might try but before I give up on the car does anyone have any ideas what this could be or what to try next? Also, am I right in thinking that the engine operates in two modes, the first when under vacuum using the O2 sensor to control mixture based on water and air temperature, and the second when under boost with the mixture controlled by the map sensor for a given air and water temperature, and if this is the case, it is the map sensor signal that defines this? To me there only seems like a small number of inputs that control mixture but having checked them all out, I'm at a loss as to what is causing this.
  10. For sale my uprated inlet manifold which comes complete with an oversized throttle body. Had this running on my old starlet gt and really seemed to make a difference in spool time on the 20t td04 that I also had fitted. Only selling as I broke my old starlet and am planning to run my current one as stock. Price £375 including mainland postage and PayPal fees.
  11. Glanza or GT as I believe that they're the same
  12. hopalong_neil

    Fuel pump

    Anyone out there got a standard fuel pump. Need one ASAP as the motor is out of mot and running rich with a uprated one fitted.
  13. Yeah, yellow and crazed in the middle. I thought about a refurb, I take it the lenses are glued in as they didn't budge when I removed the clips?
  14. Anyone know where I can get a new set? My ones are pretty ropey and I'd prefer to keep the original look rather than do a quad light conversion from my old motor.
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